Here's How to Stop Facebook from Sending Friend Suggestion Notifications

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Facebook is a social media platform which widely allows you to connect with your friends and family members seamlessly. In recent times, Facebook has improved a lot and at the same time started annoying users by sending unwanted notifications.

How to Stop Facebook from Sending Friend Suggestion Notifications

Those unwanted notifications include friend suggestions, group create suggestions, etc. Some people love those features, but most of them hate those notifications.

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Previously, the 'Suggested Friends' feature uses to give suggestions of people we know or from our friend's list. But lately, Facebook started sending suggestions for random people as well, which is underwhelming.

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But why Facebook started sending recommendations for random people? The answer is, the social network giant added a new feature to both Android and iOS applications which track your smartphone's location and pushes suggestions based on the nearby facebook users.

The good thing is users can turn off feature easily by following the simple steps for both Android and iOS.

Android Users

How to Stop Facebook from Sending Friend Suggestion Notifications

This is a temporary solution as Facebook doesn't officially turn off this feature as they think it as a mandatory feature. Facebook doesn't send these notifications when the location services are turned off on your mobile. So, just turn off your smartphone's location. Also, to permanently get rid of these notifications, uninstall the Facebook app and start using Facebook in a mobile browser.

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However, if you're an Android Marshmallow user, you can separately turn off Facebook to access your location. You can do that by heading over to Settings > Apps > Facebook > Permissions > Location > Off. This makes sure that Facebook can't access your location.

iOS Users

How to Stop Facebook from Sending Friend Suggestion Notifications

The same case applies for iOS users as well. Users who don't want these unwanted notifications should turn off their mobile's location. To do that: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Facebook> Off. By performing this, your Facebook app can't access your location.

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