Here’s how you can convert a PC into a TV

Don’t pay for both the Internet and set-top box bill.

The internet is growing faster than expected and we are in an advanced generation where you can do almost anything in the tech world. Here's a simple example of that: do you know that you can convert your old PC into a TV?

Here’s how you can convert a PC into a TV

Have you ever imagined that? Well, in this article, we are going to show on how to convert a PC into a TV with the help of three simple tricks. A big shout out to CNET for firstly writing this method.

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For converting your PC into a TV, you probably require this equipment: a PC, and a TV Tuner. Follow the below procedure to turn your PC into a TV.

Step 1: Get the TV Signal into Your Computer
The major goal of this entire process is to get the TV signal into your computer. This can be done by attaching a TV Tuner to the graphics card or by getting a dedicated PCI tuner or by purchasing a USB Tuner box and installing it onto your computer hardware. After installing this, you can achieve the TV signal directly onto your PC itself.

Here’s how you can convert a PC into a TV

Step 2: Install the Software to Control the TV Tuner
Now, this step is entirely related to the software side. For monitoring and changing the channels via the installed TV Tuner, you need to install a TV Tuner software. Most of the time, the TV Tuner will come bundled with its software to handle the channels and other stuff. After installing the software, you can browse through various channels of your liking, and you don't have to pay a single penny for this.

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