How to Access the Internet without Any Data Plan

These 4 apps brings you everything from the internet with SMS service. From now onwards no need to pay for data plans.

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There is no denial that the Internet tariff war is something that has no end. Be it any country or any state, telcos are always behind each other to grab the market with the most lucrative offer available and make subscribers flow some bucks for them.

How to Access the Internet without Any Data Plan

But instead of investing that money, have you ever considered a way where you can get access to the Internet without spending a single penny on data packs? If you are wondering how, then let us tell you that it is possible using the age old SMS service.

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Does it sound too impossible? Here're 4 interesting SMS apps you need to have in your Android smartphone to get internet service. We bet this will knock every telecom provider down!

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This is an Android application that uses SMS service to get you information on the internet. It's not as clumsy as it sounds. This app is well designed enough to not give you a feel like you're using SMS. This app gets you quick access to directions, Wikipedia excerpts, Yelp, and even Twitter on your phone.


This SMS service brings back the spirit of Google's SMS search in a fairly ambitious way particularly for those who can't afford to pay for highly expensive data plans.

You need to sign up for free. Once you do, TextEngine services include weather forecasts, sports scores, Wikipedia results and more.

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SMS Hunt

SMS Hunt is a simple service that does only one thing. It sends you a link to the top rated site or app on Product Hunt every day. If you are not aware of Product Hunt, let us tell you it is a website that lets users share and discover new products.


Well, this is not essentially a typical SMS search engine. However, QKSMS makes the internet and SMS experience good looking. This app transforms the messaging experience with its unique themes. Not to mention the quick reply box, which lets you respond to any message without closing your current app.

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