How to backup your Spotify playlist

By Sujay Hegde

    Creating a backup is akin to maintaining savings. You’ll never know when you need it, but when the time arrives, you’ll be desperate to use it. Computer backups are generally stored on separate disks or external HDDs. However, when it comes to your online activities, how can you create a backup? The most probable answer would be Google Drive.

    How to backup your Spotify playlist


    Digital surfing is not always compatible with Google Drive, and therefore, if you use apps such as Spotify, creating a backup seems confusing at the least. Spotify houses all your playlists, be it any number. The several hundred, possibly thousands of songs could be lost any time, and having no backup is a cause for horror. Since any Spotify user hates losing their tracks, here are some simple measures you can take to recover your playlists in the event of a loss.

    SpotMyBackup is a third-party web app that lets you create backups of your Spotify account. Here’s how you can bring it to use -

    Double click on your browser to open it, and in the address bar, type This is the link to the web app, and the moment it loads, you’ll see a green button.

    The button says 'Login with Spotify’. Click on it, and a new window pops up. Using this, you’ll have to log in to Spotify first.

    Since this is a permission window, you’ll have to select 'Okay’ to allow SpotMyBackup to access your Spotify account.

    The app will now begin to scan your account. Some waiting has to be done while this process completes.

    Once completed, the window shows the number of playlists and tracks. Along with this, you’ll receive two options - Export and Import. The Export option is where you’ll need to drag your cursor to and click.


    The result is a JSON file. Download the file to your desktop or laptop.

    The JSON file is an open-standard file format that you can open using a normal text editor like Wordpad or Word. The format contains all the IDs of the tracks on your Spotify account. This won’t be of any use to you, therefore, head back to SpotMyBackup. This time, click on Import. Doing so will add the JSON file to your account, and you’ll see that your data has been restored.

    It is imperative to remember this once you’ve finished creating a backup - remove the access SpotMyBackup has. To do so, open Spotify’s web portal and head over to Apps. Choose SpotMyBackup and click on Revoke access. This isn’t permanent in any sense and can be added as and when you wish.

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