How Black Wallpaper Can Save Your Android Smartphone Battery!

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We all know that display is one of the most battery-draining elements in any smartphone, but it's actually the wallpaper they choose can make a significant difference to battery life.

Black or generally dark-colored wallpaper can actually save power over a lighter one. Well it also depends on the type of screen your smartphone have. To start with, we will share a bit of information on display tech. The majority of displays are either LCD or AMOLED.

This post will give you an insight to understand your smartphone display technology and also helps you to reduce the battery-drain in your smartphones. Have a look at the slider below to know more.

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Display tech Explained:

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is a same kind of technology you will find in your television, monitors and many. As the name suggests, Liquid Crystal Display are actually crystals and don't emit light of their own but rather transmit light from a light source behind them. Smartphones like Nexus 5, LG G3 and the Sony Xperia Z3 have LCD display. LCDs are quite power hunger as every pixel needs to be illuminated whenever the screen is in use.

Display tech Explained:

Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode (AMOLED) are notably used on smartphones. While the OLED is similar, but don't use an Active Matrix.

AMOLED screen are popular on Samsung's devices, for instance: the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 all uses AMOLED display. While, the LG G Flex 2 uses a Plastic OLED display. AMOLED displays are easier on batteries as every pixel is not used always.


Battery Life:

If you have an AMOLED display then you can save some battery life by using black wallpapers, or by using darker themes. Few test results suggests that AMOLED display can save about 6 percent of battery life an hour at 20 percent brightness by using black wallpaper.

On the other hand, the LCD relay on back-lighting, so there is nothing you can do to save battery. The only thing you can do is to set your device to battery saver mode and try not to keep your device screen on all the time.


Battery Saving Tips

There are many options smartphone users can do to maximize their battery life, like setting the darker themes and also uninstall battery draining apps. If you change the appearance of frequently used apps, then you can save even more battery life. You can also use the general tips in our how to section.

Customize Your Smartphone

To start with, download darker or black wallpaper for your smartphones. You can also set a darker theme for your device, change the screen timeout setting to as shorter as possible, enable power saving mode, and turn off auto-brightness.

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