How to buy the best Power Supply Unit (PSU) for your PC?

Planning to buy a PSU for your PC? This is what you should keep in mind.

By Nilakshi Pathak

    The most underrated component in your personal computer is perhaps the power supply unit. Many users only consider the wattage factor alone to buy a power supply with the misconception that higher wattage means better power supply. Other users don’t even think anything before purchasing a power supply.

    How to buy the best Power Supply Unit (PSU) for your PC?


    Little do they know that power supply unit affects the stability and the reliability of your computer. Though only a little bit of attention is given to power supply unit, it cannot be denied that it is one of the essential components. In this post, we will tell you how to buy the best power supply unit for your personal computer.

    Buy a branded power supply unit

    It is advised that you buy the PSU from a branded manufacturer. Also, even when buying from a reputable manufacturer, don't forget to check its reviews. The best thing about buying a branded PSU is that it is of good quality and it comes with a warranty.

    Check the power output of your PSU

    Usually, you can check the output of a PSU in its information section. The output information is mostly provided in watts. Most of the brochures, tell the users about the peak power output. The catch is that we don't need a peak power output but a good continuous power. So, when checking the power output, instead of checking it in the peak efficiency level, have a look at the power output for a longer time to have a clear idea about it.

    Choose an efficient PSU

    Choosing an efficient PSU has the following advantages:

    • Better components

    • Less power wastage

    • Less heat generation

    • Less fan noise

    Check the efficiency rating while buying a PSU. An efficiency rating of 80 percent means that it will provide 80 percent of the rated wattage to your computer system and it will lose the remaining 20 percent as heat. Try buying the PSU that comes with an efficiency rating of '80 Plus'.

    Single rail or multi rail?

    Honestly, both the single-rail and the multi-rail will deliver the same performance. Both of them are good and are safe. However, if you are looking for an extra layer of protection, go for multi-rail OCP which can secure your device and its components from short circuits.

    Hard-wired cables or fully-modular cabling?

    Technically, hard-wired cables are better because it eliminates the need for an additional connection between the PCB and the connector. Modular cabling might look better, but the hard-wired cabling does the job for you.

    Wrap Up

    Next time, when you go to buy a PSU, keep all these factors in your mind.

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