How to delete all tweets instantly

Delete your old tweets in bulk using this simple method


If you ever tweeted a tweet during a momentary lapse of judgment which you regretted almost instantly. Well, you would be glad to learn that all hope is not lost, there is some good news for you, you can get rid of the tweets you no longer want people to see.

How to delete all tweets instantly


If you want to distance yourself from social media or even if you are attempting to rebrand yourself on social media, you can make use of a number of reputable services that are available out there which you can make use of in order to delete your tweets in bulk.

The Number of Tweets

Although only the recent 3200 of your tweets appear on your timeline, your older tweets can also be found by searching for them through your search console.

Backing up your old Tweets

If you think there is a chance that you might regret your decision to delete your tweets, you can download your entire Twitter archive and this ZIP file will contain all your tweets and retweets.

Follow the steps given below to download your Twitter archive:

1) Click on your profile picture and then access Settings and Privacy

2) Scroll down till you reach the bottom of the page and then hit Request your archive

3) You will receive an email that has a link to a downloadable .zip file that contains your archive.

For those of you with less than 3200 Tweets

TweetDelete allows you to bulk delete your past Tweets and delete you future Tweets after they’ve been up for a certain duration of time, unfortunately, due to third party restriction, you can only delete your recent 3200 Tweets.

You can have your future tweets deleted after:

1) One week

2) Two weeks

3) One month

4) Two months

5) Three months

6) Six months

7) One year


TweetDelete automatically checks up on your account every two days. You can revoke access to your Twitter account by going to Settings and privacy and hitting Revoke access next to TweetDelete’s entry.

If you have less than 3200 tweets

TwitterEraser allows you to delete 3200 tweets, upgrading to the main service by paying a fee of $6.99 will let you delete as many tweets as you want.

You can upload your entire Twitter archive after signing up for TweetDelete and then use search filters to locate the tweets that you want to delete based on date, hashtags, and keywords.

When you bulk delete tweets, the changes will not be reflected immediately as there is a limit to the number of requests an app can send to Twitter per hour, and if the number of tweets that you intend to delete run in the thousands, it will take quite some time.

Deleting your tweets will stop them from being searchable for the general public and potential employers but Twitter will still have a record of your deleted tweets. They keep a record of all the tweets in case they ever need to produce them for legal purposes.

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