How to Enhance GPS Speed on Your Android Smartphone

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One of the major problems we face during commutation is the poor GPS signal problem. This is the most important features in the Smartphone, that too when you are in a new place. Generally, the GPS service in the device will allow you to access various navigation services and locations without any hassles.

How to Enhance GPS Speed on Your Android Smartphone

At the time we go through some major problem including a weak signal which makes the navigation services slow. In an attempt to solve this problem, we have come up with 5 best solutions that you can do to enhance the speed of the GPS.

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1. Make sure 'High accuracy' mode is on

Be prepared to lose some juice quickly, when you choose high accuracy mode on GPS. In order to turn this mode on, go to Settings and tap Location and ensure that your location services are on. Under Location option, tap on the Mode, and set it to High accuracy. This will give you the most accurate location possible.

2. GPS Signal active

There are chances that GPS is turned off to save battery when jumped from one app to another. Always keep the GPS signal active to get the latest information.

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3. Use Assisted GPS

Generally, Smartphones uses Assisted GPS, to determine a location, where it not only uses the GPS satellites but also nearby Wi-Fi networks and cell networks to find a location. Make sure, that this feature is turned on. You can do this by simply heading on to Settings Location & Security. Tap on both 'Use GPS Satellites' and 'Use Wireless Networks'.

4. Try to find and solve the problem

If you are not getting proper GPS signal, just diagnose the problem, whether the poor signal is a software of a hardware issue problem.

5. Use Third-party app to speed up!

There are lots of third-party apps available on Google Play Store to enhance the speed of GPS like GPS Status & Toolbox. This app can provide you additional information which makes things sharper and
speeds up your GPS.

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