10 Reasons Why Your Android Smartphone is Charging Slow and Quick Tips to Fix it!

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There might be cases when your Android smartphone battery always seems to take much longer to charge. If you have faced the same issues than you are not alone.

Many Android users have facing the slow charging issues with their smartphone battery. Today, we came up with a neat tricks that can help you charge your smartphone faster than usual.

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Well, these hacks are not going to boost the smartphone battery life. But, concentrates only on the speed of charging. Read on to know more.

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Bad Cable

Tip 1

Checking the USB cable is always the first step, the compatible USB cable will charge the battery faster. It is recommended to use the same cable that came bundled with the smartphone.

Weak Power Source

Tip 2

If you are using your PC to charge your smartphone, then the charging speed is very slow. If in case of any damage to your USB cable or ports can break the flow of energy even lower. Similarly, if you are using wireless charging, your device will be charged pretty slow compared to the plugged in charging system.

Bad Adapter

Tip 3

Avoid charging your smartphone with universal charger or unbranded adapter. For better and faster charging use the charger that is compatible with the smartphone and it is recommended to use the same adapter which came in the box.

Using Old Smartphone

Tip 4

The smartphone you are using may be outmoded, and charge slow. Latest handsets have processors that support rapid charging and some device even come with turbocharging capabilities. If you feel your phone charge slower compared to the newer device, than it might be time to update your device.

Bad Battery

Tip 5

There have been many examples of mobile makers, who recalls whole batches of batteries. Search online to see if your device model came with a bad battery and replace from your provider. Generally, battery get old and will charge very slowly.

Don't Use While Charging

Tip 6

Using smartphone while charging will make it even slower to charge. So avoid using the phone while plugged in.

Background Apps

Tip 7

There are lots of apps that run on background such as mail, Facebook, and much more. Turn off background sync and it will help to charge the device faster.

Turn Off Unused Settings and services

Tip 8

To get faster charging, turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Sync while charging.

Switch Off While Charging

Tip 9

The best and effective way to get your smartphone battery to juice up at the fastest possible is to turn off the device.

Device USB port May Be Damaged

Tip 10

If the smartphone is charging slower even when it is switched off, then chances of damaged USB port. At this point you should really consider taking your device to a professional for repair.

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