How to Get Google Assistant on Samsung, OnePlus, and Other Android Nougat Devices

Can't afford to purchase a Google Pixel phone? Here's how a non-pixel phone user can get Google Assistant on their phones with two simple methods.

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The most talked about smartphone presently are Google Pixel and Pixel XL. What sets apart the Google smartphone from other newly launched smartphones including OnePlus 3 and Asus Zenfone Max 3, is the Google Assistant feature.

Get Google Assistant on OnePlus, and Other Android Nougat Devices

Google Assistant enables the user to just speak on what they want to do, and the work will be done without making any extra effort.

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With can either ask questions whether to send a WhatsApp message to a user, make a call, search for a particular information, you can tell the Assistant to anything that you to do, and the Google Assistant is at your service.

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However, considering the ground-breaking price of the Google Pixel smartphones, not everyone can afford it, however, now with this trick, you can get the most interesting Pixel's Google Assistant on your smartphone. Try these 2 methods to get Google Assistant on non-Pixel phones.

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#1 Trick Google Servers

If you trick Google Servers on your Android 7.0 Nougat phone and it roots and has Google app version or higher, Google servers will consider the phone to be Google Pixel XL, and now you can get Google Assistant on your non-pixel phone.

#2: Download Flashable Image

The second method is just to download a flashable image from XDA-Developer site and download Google Assistant.

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Terms and Condition

Installing Google Assistant on non-pixel smartphones surely requires technical knowledge. Just in case something goes wrong, the phone might just get damaged, mess up the phone's camera, and leave the device vulnerable to malware attacks.

Get Google Assistant on Your Non-Pixel Phone

With this trick, Google Assistant can not only help the Pixel users but also other device users. The Samsung, Moto, Nexus, OnePlus and other Nougat 7.0 device users can now get the in-hand experience of Google Assistant on their non-Pixel phone.

No Android 7.0 Nougat? No Google Assistant

Google Assistant can only be updated on non-pixel phones that have Android 7.0 Nougat version. Well in case you don't? You surely miss on this amazing Google Pixel feature.

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