How to Improve Your Phone's Performance with Android Oreo?

By: Nilakshi Pathak

With each new update, the Android version gets better. As such, the latest iteration of Google's operating system which is Android Oreo does bring a lot of new features as well as performance improvements for the users. Many manufacturers have also started rolling out the update for their devices.

How to Improve Your Phone's Performance with Android Oreo?

So if you have received the recent Oreo update, you don’t need to do anything much for a smooth experience. If you want to improve your phone’s performance with Android Oreo, here are few tips for you. 

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1. Say goodbye to unused apps

Deleting unused apps doesn't sound a great deal, right? But do you know the amount of energy that an app consumes in upgrading itself? Unused apps eat your battery power and have a devastating impact on your phone's performance. Don't uninstall the Google's pre-installed apps but remove all other extra apps.

2. Enable data saver in Chrome

The smaller the size of the web pages, the faster it will get a load. If you want to save your data and time while loading a web page, switch on the data saver feature in your Google's Chrome browser. When enabled, the function compresses the web pages before sending them to you. However, the Data Saver can't be used if you are trying to access a page in incognito mode.

3. Use data saver across Android

Data Saver works differently for the Chrome browser and your smartphone as a whole. When enabled data saver across Android, you end up saving a lot of battery life and power. Also, it restricts the background activities of the apps to give a boost to your phone's performance.

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4. Keep cleaning the Cache

Cleaning the cache of an app will help you to get rid of temporary files of that app. The cache is significant because it makes things a bit fast when you use an app, but it occasionally ruins its purpose, especially if you are not using that app or are using it after a long time. Don't be confused that clearing the cache will wipe all the password and data stored in the app.

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 5. Restart your phone

5. Restart your phone

We use our phone so much so that we never switch it off or restart it. You have no idea the number of performance issues that can be solved by just restarting your smartphone. So, now and then either switch off your phone or restart it to keep the performance level of your Android device in a peak.

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