How to increase cpu fan speed

Gaming PCs will have more choice to tweak the fan speed

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Do you ever feel a sense of dread crawl up your back when you realize that your computer is a little hotter than it was when you started? The little fan going faster and faster just like your heart? The reason your computer heats up is thermal radiation.

How to increase cpu fan speed


This is a by-product of electromagnetic movement within the various circuits and the internal resistance that it encounters as it moves, in simpler terms, you can say that the electricity that is powering your computer is the reason why your computer is hot. The amount of electricity that each component in the CPU needs is different, but there are a few components that need a lot of electricity in order to function.

A computer’s core, it’s CPU produces a lot of heat as it carries out algorithms, and so does the GPU, which is responsible for handling the 3D imaging. This is the reason why computers heat up more when you use them to play games.

One of the consequences of overheating is that as part of the cooling system, the motherboard, which comprises major components like the CPU and the memory banks makes the intensive applications go a little slower. Components can even be instructed to get shut down completely. This can also make your whole computer shut down.

The thing a lot of people do not realize is that it is possible to make your computer cool down by turning the fan speed up. The place you have to go to in order to turn up your fan speed is the BIOS menu. Follow the steps given below in order to learn how to increase the fan speed.

1) Restart your computer and then wait for the startup screen to pop up. Press the button that will be indicated onscreen in order to enter the BIOS. This button will be Del, Esc, F12 or F10 depending on the motherboard manufacturer.


2) You will need to make use of the arrow keys that are available on your keyboard to scroll through the BIOS menu to the submenu that will be named “Monitor” or “Status” depending on the manufacturer. Select the option called “Fan Speed Control” from the submenu in order to open the fan controls.

3) Scroll down till you reach the section of the page that is called “Fan Speed Control.” This section will contain the RPM settings for computer fans. You can choose the fan that you prefer and then press “Enter” to save the setting.

4) Repeat the step for all of the fans that you want to increase the speed for. After you’re done with it, keep pressing the Esc button till you reach the Exit menu. Select “Save changes and Reset” option to confirm the fan speed changes, all you need to do is allow your computer to restart now.

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