How one can lose weight by spending few bucks on Apple Watch?

Lose Your Weight With Apple Watch As Your Companion

Nowadays, wearables like fitness tracker and smartwatches play an important role in out fitness regime. There are devices available in the market to track out steps count, calories burned, sleep, heart rate monitor and much more.

How one can lose weight by spending few bucks on Apple Watch?

While there are lots of watches and bands available, only a few performs better. Among them, we took Apple Watch today and compiled a list of things you can do with it to keep you healthy.

Water Intake

One of the main reason to stay fit and hydrated is to drink water every one hour. If you tend to forget things while work or other activities, you can install the app on your Apple Watch like Water Minder to remind you. This is one of the effective ways to keep you in the cycle of drinking water.

Calorie intake

Another important step to look after our health is your calorie intake. If you are planning to lose weight, calorie intake is more important that you think. If you want to control calories, you can download MyFitnessPal to control calories and nutrition.

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Count your steps

You can literally count your steps, track your sleep and concentrate on your breath through Apple Watch. Always try to fill the My Activity ring in Apple Watch by following the instructions. Moreover, it comes with pre-installed apps like Activity and Workout. As the Apple Watch 2 comes with GPS option, you can also use it for running practice too.

Heart rate monitor

You can monitor your heart rate through Heart Watch app that can monitor your heart and sleep. It will warn you if your heartbeat gets too high or too low so that you can take precautionary measures before anything happens to you.


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