How to Recover Photos/Videos/Files Accidentally Deleted from Memory Card

With the rapid growth in technology, the storage equipment is getting smaller in terms of size and bigger on memory. In order to keep the data in your smartphones, the MicroSD cards have become the most convenient mode for storage.

How to Recover Photos/Videos/Files Accidental Deleted from Memory Card

Also, there are bright chances that the memory card might get damaged due to some issues. When these memory cards get corrupted or damaged, mostly all the stored photos, videos, and other files simply disappear.

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If handled carelessly, it can leave you with a permanent data loss situation which causes difficulty in SD card recovery. In order to avoid this situation, we have jotted down the list of steps to recover the data from your memory card.

Try it with other devices

First is first! Try to insert your corrupted SD card to other devices. If it's truly screwed up it will show the incompatibility message on the device.

Do Check disk scan!

Secondly, if the above step doesn't work, insert the memory card into the card reader. Once it gets detected, go to start and type 'cmd' in the search box. After the command window opens, type "chkdsk" followed by the drive letter corresponding to the SD card, then by a colon and /f.

How to Recover Photos/Videos/Files Accidental Deleted from Memory Card

After you press 'enter', it will search for the possible solution and try to fix it.

Assign a new drive

How to Recover Photos/Videos/Files Accidental Deleted from Memory Card

If not connect your SD card to a card reader to the system. Sometimes, your system doesn't assign a new drive saying " Please insert the disk into drive E". To solve this problem assign a new drive letter to this through your operating system settings.

Use Sandisk inbuilt solution

Another way is to right-click on the drive and go to "Properties." In there, if you can see full free space, then either all the files have been deleted, or the directory has been erased.

In this case, you can use a Sandisk inbuilt solution that might restore all the deleted files easily.

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Check it with disk diagnostic tool

If suppose you can read all the files but couldn't save them, then your card might be in the protected mode. All you have to do is to Unlock the switch to save or modify files on the card.

In case if this didn't work, you need to use disk diagnostic tool that works on cards also. On the other hand, you can also use some Recovery software as most of the files stored on your SD card will be related to photos and other media files.

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