How to reverse search images on Android devices using Google

Posted By: Vishnu Sasidharan

Reverse-searching an image when you are browsing on your desktop is fairly quick and easy, visit, click on the small camera icon and paste the URL or select the image from your computer that you wish to search for and you will have the details and similar images with you in a jiffy.

How to reverse search images on Android devices using Google

The same thing can be done on an Android device but the way you have to go about it is a little different. The instructions as to how to do this are given below:


You do not have to download an image or have it on your phone in order to search for it on Google. If you come across an image when you are browsing through the Google Chrome app, and if you wish to search for the image, all you have to do is tap on the image and hold on the image, a menu with various options will pop up from which you can select "Search Google for this image."

The instructions have been listed out step by step below:

1) Tap on the Chrome icon and launch the app.

2) Tap on the image you wish to search for and hold on to it.

3) Select "Search Google for this image" from the options that appear in the pop up box.

If you have an image in your gallery that you wish to search for, you will have to use a different tool to get the job done. Access the URL and tap on the "Upload Picture" option and select "File." After this, you will be able to select from the images available in your gallery. After this, you will have to select the option "Show Matches."

A very notable feature to keep in mind is the option of taking a picture with your camera and reverse searching that instead of choosing an image that's already on your device.

1) Visit the url:

2) Select the option "Upload Picture."

3) From the options that are available, select "File."

4) Select the image you wish to search for from the gallery.

5) Select "Show Matches."

Search by image

If you often find yourself reverse searching images on your Android device, getting a dedicated app that does it for you is a good way to save your time. One of the apps that are on the forefront when it comes to facilitating this feature is Search By Image, which works in a way similar to

1) Go to Play Store and download the "Search by image" app from it.

2) In the bottom right corner, you will find a + icon, tap on this.

3) Tap on "Image Gallery"

4) Select an image from the gallery.

5) Click on the search button which can be found at the bottom of the screen.

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