How to Sync Browser Data Across Multiple Devices

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These days, most of the browsers come with Syncing capabilities in order to help the users. Generally, Syncing lets you share your data and preferences including bookmarks, history, passwords, and much more across all your devices.

How to Sync Browser Data Across Multiple Devices

Today, we show you how to bookmark all your preferences across devices.

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Google Chrome

This is one of the browsers that support syncing from the initial days. Once you log into the browser with your email ID, it will automatically sync your history, bookmarks, usernames and passwords and much more, when you install it on other devices. Apart from bookmarks, Chrome can also sync your apps, forms, extensions, history, passwords, settings, themes, and open tabs. You can also change the preference of syncing options too.

Click on the three vertical dot button and select settings option and click on sync option. You can choose what portions of your browser you need to sync with Apps, autofill data, bookmarks, extensions, browser history, saved passwords, other settings, and more. The "Sync everything" toggle, turns all the options on or off.


Microsoft Edge

Likewise, you can sync data in Microsoft Edge as well. Before Syncing, make sure you are logged in to the Microsoft account. Then click the Windows button, type "sync," and select "Sync your settings." Turn on the Sync button.

Mozilla Firefox

This browser has a similar syncing function as Google Chrome. You go ahead by clicking the Settings button in the upper-right corner of the main browser window, and then click "Sign in to Sync." Before syncing, make sure you are signed in. From that page, you can portion you want to sync across the browser. Once done, click "Save Settings".

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