Here’s How You Can Add Unlimited Fingerprints to Your Android/ iPhone With the Same ID..

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It is worth saying that smartphones have come a long way in recent times whether it be in terms of display technology, hardware technology, software wise, and so on. One that comes in this list are the fingerprint sensors on smartphones.

Here’s How You Can Add Unlimited Fingerprints to Your Android/ iPhone

In the process of providing advanced security to smartphones, manufacturers have tried a different way of providing security. Motorola was the first one to add a fingerprint sensor in a smartphone, however, it didn't work out for the company.

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When Apple released the iPhone 5S with fingerprint sensor dubbed as 'Touch ID', they received a lot of praise from others and customers too. Soon, other companies stepped up and embedded a fingerprint sensor on their smartphones, which is a good thing to see and now there are a lot of smartphones available over the market with fingerprint sensors ranging from entry-level to flagship devices.

Three days back, when I was testing the fingerprint sensor on one of our review unit of OnePlus 3, I was stuck with an idea which apparently led me to disappointment on how manufacturers failed to detect this small flaw on their sensors.

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The flaw was considered to be a simple one, but it may create issues at times. However, as of now, am calling that flaw as a hack with which you can add unlimited fingerprints into your smartphone. Sounds interesting, right? Let's get started with the procedure.

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Head over to your smartphone's fingerprint section

Step 1:

The first step in this procedure is to get into your smartphone fingerprint settings. To do that, head over to 'Settings>Security>Fingerprints'

Remove all of your previous fingerprints

Step 2:

This is not a mandatory one, but if you want to test if this hack really works or not then you need to remove all the fingerprints registered in your smartphone. You can do that in fingerprints section itself.

Start Registering your new fingers

Step 3:

Now, this is the main step of the entire procedure. Once after you start registering your fingerprint, quickly put all of your fingers one by one. You can choose other fingerprints too if you really want to.

Keep on using the fingers until you are successfully registered your fingerprint ID.

Register as many fingers as you need

Step 4:

You can register unlimited fingers with this trick as it will take whatever input you give. An iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S caused some trouble while registering different fingers, but I managed to take it pass to the success line.

Boom! Unlock your smartphone with all your fingers

Step 5:

Now, lock your smartphone and you can unlock your smartphone with all your fingers used while registering the fingerprint sensor.

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