How to control the memory usage of internet browsers

Follow These Tips to control the memory usage of internet browsers

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These days, Internet browsers are fast and also consumes lots of memory. Current Internet browsers have poor memory management consuming vast amount of memory for no good reasons. If you are cool with it, you can close the article right now and mind your work, if not, you can do the following things.

How to control the memory usage of internet browsers

First of all, Uninstall/remove the extensions you don’t use anymore. Every time, you open a browser, the extension gets loaded whether you use them or not. This, in turn, takes lots of memories. If you find yourself using an extension very rarely, disable it and enable when you use, if not delete it.

Secondly, disable the built-in plugins including Java, Silverlight, and Flash, which are the biggest memory consumers. Instead, you can use htlm5 video players, which most of the major browsers support.

These days, most of the website loads third-party scripts after you have finished loading the site. This results in loading their own junk scripts in the background causing to use more memory. But there is a way, where you can block by using extensions like NoScript. The NoScript not only saves the memory but also fastens you browser speed as well.

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