How to enable call forwarding on Android

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Rerouting your calls to a secondary number is something that can come in handy quite often. Travelers can make great use of this feature as they will be able to reroute the calls to a local or home number. In addition to avoiding roaming charges, this tool is also handy if you just don't want to be bothered during your vacation.

How to enable call forwarding on Android

Irrespective of what reasons you have for making use of a call forwarding feature, the steps you need to take in order to set up call forwarding in your phone is listed below. The steps you need to follow has been listed below:

Setting up call forwarding on Android

All Android phones are not the same even if they do have the same OS, the manufacturer of the phone almost always makes changes to the OS that will be present in the final iteration of the phone. These changes are often noticeable in the menu and layout of the phones. And this the reason why some of the steps will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer depending on which Android phone you're using. Not all devices will have the exact same settings and menus. This will vary depending on the phone you use.

1) Open the phone app

2) Click on the 3-dot menu or the 3-line menu button

3) Access the option called Settings or Call Settings

4) Click on Call Forwarding

5) You will be able to see multiple options here :

a) Always Forward: All calls will be forwarded to your secondary number

b) Forward when busy: The calls will be forwarded to your secondary number when you are on another call

c) Forward when unanswered: Calls go to another number when you don't answer or take a call that you get

d) Forward when unreached: Calls are redirected to another number when your phone is off, in airplane mode or has no signal.


6) After choosing one of the options listed, you will have to select the forwarding number.

7) Select 'Enable', 'Turn on', or 'OK. '

You can disable this by just going back to the same settings and clicking on the 'disable' option when selecting a forwarding number.

Setting up call forwarding on Android using dial codes

You can also set this all up by using dial codes and go the manual way. The codes available are as follows:

Unconditional Call Forwarding:*21*

Call forward when busy, unanswered or out of range :*004*

Call forward when busy:*67*

Call forward when unanswered: *61*

Call forward when out of range: *62*

How to use dial codes

1) Open the phone app

2) Dial the code and then type the number you wish to forward calls to, followed by the # sign

3) For example, 21*123-456-7890#

4) Press "Send" or "Call" or whichever button is used by your device.

The two ways in which you can forward all of your calls to a secondary number has been described in detail above. You may use either of the options available in order to get what you want.

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