How to enhance the video quality when casted from browser to your Chromecast

Now Cast Your Video with Full Quality From Your Chromecast

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The Google Chrome team is reportedly working on improving the video quality when casting from the browser's tab to the Chromecast. Ever since the inception of this media streaming device, this has been the problem that includes frame drop, lag, and loss of quality.

How to enhance video quality when casted from browser to Chromecast

With the upcoming update, which is now limited to developers now, comes with features that not only save battery but also preserve the video quality when a user deploys the "Cast a tab" option.

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In a recent blog, François Beaufort posted " The chrome team is experimenting in Dev Channel with improving the "Cast a tab" experience by forwarding directly the video content bitstream to the Chromecast device when a video is fullscreened. This "simple" feature allows to save battery and keep video quality intact."

How to enhance video quality when casted from browser to Chromecast

Cast Tab

With this method, when the user decided to view the content in full screen, the software transmits the bitstream of the casted video directly to the Chromecast before television. They have also shared a way to use this to check out for yourself.

Step 1: Go to chrome://flags/#media-remoting

Step 2: Enable the highlighted flag, restart Chrome

Step 3: Go to, play a random video, click "Cast..." in the Chrome menu and fullscreen the video to enjoy that experience.

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