How to Get Started With Fortnite Creative

By Gizbot Bureau

While Fortnite's place in the realm of Battle Royale games is pretty clear, there are other interesting modes in the game. Fortnite Creative is a free game mode that allows players to craft custom maps and matches in a sandbox-game environment. These creations can be shared with friends or even with the entire Fortnite community if you choose to do so.

How to Get Started With Fortnite Creative

The good maps will be featured in the Creative Mode lobby for other players to see. There is also a location on the public map where a larger Fortnite audience will exposed to interesting creations. The location is called The Block. Creative Mode also gives users access to a variety of game assets that allow them to create their unique locations. This includes props, building components, landscape features, traps, vehicles and more. You can also use the assets to make an interesting location or create specialized game types like deathmatches, parkour games, coin collection, or races.

Getting Started With Fortnite Creative

The first thing you have to do in order to create your own map is to go to your Fortnite Creative lobby and start your server. You will be taken to a 'personal rift' which, when interacted with will give you an option to 'Create New Island.' You will be able to see other featured islands or saved maps on a platform behind your personal island rift.

You can choose different biomes or a layout for the Block when you create an island. Your island will create a personal instance where you can begin crafting your map. The game allocates you 100.000 memory for your creation and each asset has a specific memory value.

You can access different assets by clicking on the Inventory option which opens a window with different asset kits to choose from. You can add assets to your inventory, select them and place them. Galleries will have a series of props and building elements. You can copy these objects and place them on your map the way you want to.


Normal movement or construction mechanics will not constrain you in this mode. You can make your characters levitate by enabling the flying mode. You can place and remove assets by using a special in-game device which has commands like copy, paste, delete, or rotate.

You can use the My Island menu to adjust the settings for your game. You can tweak the game type, game settings, UI settings, island tools, descriptions and player permissions.
The sandbox mode allows you to experiment with different mechanics and set up your own unique locations.

Publishing a map in Fortnite Creative

In order to publish your island, you will need to apply to the Support-a-Creator Program. Many users don't make the cut if they don't meet a certain criteria. You can have your island considered for The Block or a featured spot by applying through an Epic Games Creative form submission.

If you sign up for the program and receive publishing permissions, you will be able to publish your island under the My Island menu. A 12-digit code will be assigned to your map which you can share with others.

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