How To Improve GPS Signal On Your Android Smartphones

    The internal GPS is one of the essential features in the modern smartphones. Inclusion of GPS in smartphone allow users to get reliable navigation apps, location services and complex location interactions.

    However, not all smartphones have the similar GPS sensors, they vary wildly in terms of features, effectiveness and precision. Certain pones are in fact infamous for having poor GPS, and these problems might be related to hardware.

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    In most cases, poor reception and GPS performance can be affected by ROM and user setting. In this post you'll get to know how you can improve your GPS performance in few easy tips and apps. Read on to know more.

    Tip 1:

    To get the best possible GPS performance, you need to sacrifice a bit more battery life by enabling the High Accuracy mode in the device settings. Go to Settings >> Location and Turn on Location Service.

    Now, under the Location Sources category, tap Mode and set High Accuracy. This feature uses more battery power, but utilize all available wireless networks to get the best possible signal.


    Tip 2:

    If your device is getting improper orientation information that causes issues while using navigation apps, then the potential issues is with calibrating GPS. In order to fix this, you need to calibrate compass.

    Download GPS Essentials app from the Google Play Store. This app features a compass along with some other handy features. Open the app, and calibrate the device.


    Tip 3:

    With GPS Essentials app, you can also diagnose to check whether poor GPS signal is due to a hardware or software issues.

    Tip 4:

    Sometimes, your device get stuck on certain GPS satellites, even if they are not within range. To fix this, you can use an app like GPS Status & Toolbox to clear your GPS data and to start connecting new satellites.

    Tip 5:

    Buildings or large solid objects not only block the signals, but also reflects signals that will degrade the accuracy of the data.


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