How to increase Instagram followers with these steps

Increase Your Instagram Followers With These Steps

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Facebook-owned Instagram is gaining popularity among consumers these days soon after the introducing lots of new features. Instagram now boasts around 600 million active users, which is nearly double that of Snapchat and Twitter. As a result, now everyone is promoting their brand, awareness or even connecting with consumers for that matter.

How to increase Instagram followers with these steps

In order to make your brand or any other specific information reach, you need to have decent followers, otherwise, it's a waste of time, resource, and money in some cases. Today, we have compiled six ways to increase your followers for your account.

Optimize the page

First and foremost thing you need to do is to optimize your page. This involves setting your brand logo as the display picture and making your profile public to users. Also, try to add some funny or even engaging description also.

While the profile bio is the only place, where Instagram permits outbound links, you can provide the link to your blog or website page.

Provide Instagram link to other pages

Try providing backlinks to your Instagram posts or profile page on sites like Twitter and Facebook, where you have a bright chance of getting attention. By this way, you can also prompt your followers on other sites to follow you Instagram.

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Quality content

The main route to achieve huge followers and maintaining the follower base solely depends upon the quality of the content you provide. You can try different filters, boomerang and much more to make it attractive and engaging. Also, you have to maintain the consistency in posting the program.

Proper use of hashtags

Proper hashtag, when given improves the visibility of the post, which in turn helps you to reach more people around the world. Apart from using your own hashtag, always use the popular or trending hashtags. However, you should refrain from using too many hashtags as well.


Always try to connect with the influencers, where they will introduce to the whole set of new audience. To make this possible, find the most prominent people in your market niche and begin interacting with them regularly. Start with liking their post and comment on it. Getting mentioned by influencers instantly increases your brand's exposure,

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