How to keep your wireless mouse and keyboard secure

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    We have seen a lot of cases, where hackers hack the Wi-Fi connection, computer systems, and smartphones. According to a report from IoT security firm Bastille, the wireless keyboards and mouse are vulnerable to an exploit and it is called as Mouse Jacking. As per the researchers, it lets an interloper inject mouse movements or keystrokes at thousand words per minute from a nearby antenna, even though the device encrypted.

    How to keep your wireless mouse and keyboard secure


    With some fifteen lines of command, hackers can take over the control of your system. Sounds weird, isn't it? If you are having a wireless mouse and keyboard attached to your computer and if you are scared of your computer being hacked, worry not. We have listed a few steps that you can follow to safeguard your system.

    Device security

    Check whether your device is vulnerable to attack the first place, as some manufacturers won't be putting adequate security measures. While not all the manufacturers do the same, some of them give you with proper security measures. Always try to go for a popular brand. You can check out the link here

    Firmware updates

    In case, if your device is affected and you get to know that, what should you do? Check their official website for any firmware update that fixes this exploit. While downloading the update, make sure the notes state that it fixes this issue.

    Prefer Wired

    One of the safest bet from all these hacking and malware things is to go wired. With this, they cannot break into the system through the air. This is the prominent and rock hard solution for the ultimate security of your computer.

    Lock your PC

    If you feel like your computer has been compromised, lock the computer and at the admin screen. Still, this won't stop keyloggers from getting information.

    Data encryption

    One of the safest ways to protect the information on your computer is to encrypt each and every important folder with passcodes. However, this won't solve the problem, if your computer is hacked. But you can follow it in the future to avoid this types of hassles.

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