How to know if your password has been stolen or not

By Nilakshi Pathak

    The digital world is not as safe as we consider it to be. Without even a thought, we keep distribution in signing up for different websites. Well, this can be very dangerous because most of these websites end up getting hacked. A result of this is leaked passwords. With these passwords, your account can be hacked easily.

    How to know if your password has been stolen or not


    It is therefore important for you to know whether your password is stolen or not. We will guide you in identifying whether your password is still safe or there is a need of changing it. Luckily, you can easily know the security status of your account.

    Use Troy Hunt’s Have I Been Pwned?

    Troy Hunt's Have I Been Pwned is a wonderful website to check whether the password of your account has been leaked or not. This website has a database of all the leaked username and password that has been made public. In short, if your data has been leaked, it will appear here. The site fetches the combination of username and password even from the dark web.

    You can easily know whether your password is stolen or not through this website. For checking whether your username or password is safe or not, go to the site of ‘Have I Been Pwnd?'Now in the home page itself, a big search bar will be visible to you. In that search bar, type your e-mail id and then click on ‘Pwned?'

    After providing the information, the website will do a quick search of your e-mail to know if it was ever involved in a data breach or not. If your password is safe, you will see the message ‘Good News- no pwnage found! No breached accounts and no pastes.' This means that your password is still safe and you don't change it.


    How will you know if your username/account has been hacked?

    If your password has been compromised, you will see the message ‘Oh no- pwned!' The site will then tell you the number of breached sites where your account and the password has been used. You should change your password immediately after this result.

    You can similarly check your multiple usernames and email address to make sure that every account is safe.

    Stay Safe With the Notification Option

    You can go one step further to remain secure by signing up for ‘Notify me when I get pwned' link. Clicking on this will immediately notify you if your username or e-mail address appear in any leaked data.

    Check Whether Your Password Has Been Stolen or Not

    Similarly, you can check whether your password has been pwned or not. For testing that, click on the ‘Passwords'. Enter your password in the search bar and then again click on ‘Pwned?' This will now check if your password has been pawned or not.

    Wrap Up

    We strongly advise you against entering your password on a third party website as chances of leakage increases when you end up signing up for random websites. Only enter your username and password on the sites that you trust!

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