How To Migrate Your Tasks From Wunderlist To Microsoft To Do App


Wunderlist, one of the most used smartphone apps to create and share lists will officially shut down on May 6, 2020. If you are a regular user of Wunderlist, you only have a few days left to transfer all your lists and task assignments to other note-making and lists applications such as Microsoft To Do, Google Keep,, etc.

How To Migrate Your Tasks From Wunderlist To Microsoft To Do App


After May 6, your to-do lists will no longer sync to the main server after May 6; however, you will still have time until June 30 to transfer all your lists to Microsoft To Do. Having said that, here's a step by step guide to help you migrate all important data from Wunderlist to Microsoft To Do.

Steps To Migrate Lists From Wunderlist To Microsoft To Do

  • Download the Microsoft To Do app if you haven't yet
  • Create an account on Microsoft or simply sign in with your existing Microsoft account
  • Microsoft is pushing a pop-up to help you initiate the migration process. Click on Pop-up to start the process
  • If you cannot see any pop-up, head to Settings and select Import from Wunderlist
  • Tap on Import your lists and tasks
  • Sign in to your Wunderlist account to start the importing process

The subtasks in Wunderlist will show as steps in Microsoft To Do, and your folders will appear as as list groups. As comments aren't currently supported in To Do, they will be imported as notes.

Wunderlist has also issued a statement announcing the shutdown. The team mentioned, "You can keep using Wunderlist while we keep supporting it. You'll still be able to access your data-you can choose to export it, or import it into To Do. Of course, we'd love for you to continue your journey with Microsoft To Do. After May 6th, your to-dos will no longer sync. For a period of time, you'll still be able to import your lists into To Do."


It is worth mentioning that assignments and members of shared lists cannot be imported, which is disappointing as Microsoft has been trying to integrate Wunderlist features since 2015 when the tech giant acquired the productivity application.

Microsoft acquired the Wunderlist to reinvent productivity for smartphone users. At the time of acquisition, Wunderlist founder and CEO Christian Reber joined Microsoft to continue lead the development of his venture under Microsoft. Two years down the line, Microsoft launched the 'To Do as a preview.

Later, Microsoft made an announcement that the To Do will eventually replace Wunderlist by incorporating most of its features. Surprisingly, Christian Reber quit Microsoft in late 2017, saying that the Wunderlist features couldn't integrate into Microsoft's services as its API runs on Amazon Web Services and cannot be ported to Azure.

Reber is now working on a new venture, known as Pitch. He describes Picth as a presentation tool for the Slack generation. The startup recently announced $19 million in Series A funding. We cannot wait to test Pitch as the app promises seamless integration with all the apps and services available in the market that boosts productivity.

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