How to prevent Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets from Over-Heating this Summer

    Are you sweating and getting tired easily during these hot summer days? Bet you do! But, do you realize that the gadgets you use suffer from the same fate? Just like you their productivity degrades when subjected to high temperatures.

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    This is apparently due to the reduction in processor clock speeds due to overheating - technically referred to as throttling. Apart from that the gadgets like laptops, tablets, smartphones will suffer from frequent freezes and will cease to function properly. So here are some tricks that will help you to keep your smart devices cool this summer and prevent overheating.


    Often than not you use your gadgets during a drive or while sitting in the backseat during a long journey. But you mayn't have realised how hot a car gets when it is parked under the scorching sun at a temperature of around 40 degrees Celsius. The metal body of the car sucks down all the heat and converts the car into a furnace and this heat in turn effects the gadgets inside the car. Especially your smartphone and laptop.


    It is recommended to not use your smartphone or laptop during occasional visits to the beach. This is due to two main reasons. Many won't be aware of the fact that the temperature at the beach is higher than the surrounding. Apparently this is because of the high reflectivity of sunlight by the sands and the sea water alike. Thus using your smartphone or laptop during this conditions isn't quite a great idea. Besides that, the sands may often end up passing through the air vents of your laptop and thereby prevents proper cooling.


    Do you keep on wearing your pullover during the scorching summer heat? I am sure, you don't! Then why subject your smartphone to do so. Often than not a smartphone starts overheating when its unable to dissapitate its excess heat to the surrounding thanks to a non-conducting protective case.


    In these hot summer days try not to play much hardcore games, especially when your under direct sunlight. As you may be aware, games like Real Racing, Nova, Asphalt takes a toll on the hardware and thereby generates some extra heat.


    One of the most common cause of laptop overheating is the fact that it gets very little rest on daily basis. In fact, many of you are into the habit of putting your laptop to sleep by slapping the lid off at the end of the day. But this takes a toll on the life of your laptop.


    Air vents of the laptop may appear to be unnecessary holes on the body of your sexy device to you, but there are really useful for the laptops. Often than not these air vents get clogged with dust and dirt thereby preventing proper circulation of air. This in turn results in an overheated laptop.


    Using your laptop while lying down or sitting on your bed often leads to overheating. This happens as the soft surface of the bed prevents air vents from circulating air by blocking them.


    During summers the best remedy is to change the power settings of your device. Try not to use Performance settings (optimum) under direct sunlight. Rather switch to Power Savings.


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