How To Save Your Smartphone From Explosion [Battery Problems And Fixes]

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We usually hear about a smartphone exploded or busted into flames when charging. We came across many reports that the Samsung Galaxy S4 caught fire and burned down an entire apartment, and another, a girl's phone battery exploded while sleeping.

The major reason to explode or burst a smartphone is because of flaws in the assembling or designing of the battery. Even in the rare cases of exploding, it is often not the fault of the battery alone. But, it is more often caused by one of two factors: either the battery or the charger is not a genuine product.

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This post will give you all the information on why, the smartphone battery gets busted and how to stop them getting exploded. Read on to know more.

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Thermal Runaway

Problem 1

Lithium batteries have a problem called thermal runaway, where excess heat promotes more excess head. Due to this problem, smartphone makers implement a system the protects batteries against overcharging and prevent reactions.

Batteries Becoming Thinner

Problem 2

These days, smartphones are becoming thinner and so the batteries. This makes very less room for batteries to keep the positive and negative plates apart. If anything gets in between these two plates can cause problem, especially if the battery is not designed up to the necessary standards.

Charging All Through Night

Problem 3

Battery manufacturers usually follow all the guidelines, making the battery safe for smartphones. Well, some makers, in order to save money, by do not inserting the fuse that disconnects the circuit in case of battery overheating. The missing fuse can be very dangerous, especially if you have a habit of charging your smartphone all through the night.

Use Original Battery

Potential Solution 1

Only use the manufacturer's original battery or from well-known replacement brands. You may find cheap batteries for your smartphone in the market, but it is recommended to always get a genuine battery.


Potential Solution 2

Do not leave your smartphone in hot areas, especially if it is kept on charging. The ambient temperature makes the overheating problem worse.

Stop Using When Charging

Potential Solution 3

If your phone is charging and you are using functions that cause it to heap up lot, will make the more changes of exploding.

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