How to set up speech-to-text in Android

Follow these steps to set up speech-to-text in Android

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It is never easy, safe or legal to use your phone for typing, talking during certain situations like driving.

How to set up speech-to-text in Android

In order to help the users with this issue, Android has a feature that writes text messages using Speech-to-text and to our surprise, the voice recognition is accurate. Below are the steps you need to follow in order to use the Speech-to-text feature

How to set up speech-to-text in Android

Step 1: Open any app, that welcomes keyboard and tap into the field, where you want to write

Step 2: Now tap the Microphone button present on the corner.

Step 3: Once you get "Speak Now", start dictating the words you need on the message.

Step 4: If you want to insert punctuations, you need to dictate that as well.

Step 5: For Punctuations: Period (.), comma (,), question mark (?), exclamation or exclamation point (!)

Step 6:
For Line spacing: Enter or new line, new paragraph

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