How to Block People Who Are Using Your Wi-Fi Network

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Hacking a Wi-Fi connection is not a big task and every user can do that easily with the help of Kali Linux and other tools. However, if someone steals your Wi-Fi password without your notice, you won't be able to notice that.

How to Block People Who Are Using Your Wi-Fi Network

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Having said that, it is always a secure task to check your Wi-Fi network connections to know if someone is using your Wi-Fi network without your permission. You can check your Wi-Fi network status easily by downloading an app to your Android device and later on block those users.

Let's get started with the procedure.

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Step 1: Make Sure You are Connected to the Wi-Fi Network

The initial step to begin this process is by connecting your device to the same Wi-Fi network you want to monitor.

Step 2: Download an App Called ' Wi-Fi inspector'

The next step is to download an app called the 'Wi-Fi inspector' from the Google Play Store. The application is available to download for free.

Step 3: Open and Scan For Connected Devices

Once you are done with downloading the application, open and scan for the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network, which is an easy task.

Step 4: Identify Your Own Devices

After the application done scanning for devices, you need to identify your devices connected to the network and identify them with the help of MAC address.

You can check the MAC address of any smartphone under Wi-Fi settings of the smartphone. You can head over to network settings for the MAC address of your laptop or PC.

Step 5: Open up the Router's default gateway

After you are done with Step 4, open your router's default gateway address on any Laptop or Computer connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Most of the router's default gateway will be either or and it completely depends on your router model.


Step 6: Head Over to Security Settings on Router's Gateway

After logging in to the router's default page, head over to the Security settings. The Security page will differ from router-to-router. You have to find the Security page depending on your router.

Step 7: Add the MAC Address in MAC Filtering Tab

Once after figuring out the Security Tab in your router's gateway, you will be able to see a MAC Filtering Tab on most of the routers. Just hit the 'Add Device' tab and add the MAC address of the unknown person using your Wi-Fi connection.

Once after you're done with the adding the MAC Address, the person will no longer be able to access your Wi-Fi connection.

Note: Blocking the MAC Address is some kind of permanent solution, however, we recommend you to change your Wi-Fi password to stay more secured.


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