How to take better photos with your Android phone

    You just bought a good smartphone, with a nice big camera but are still not able to capture those cool images that you see on other people's Instagram accounts. Don't worry we got your back, here are some of the tips that would help you take pro-like images.


    Digital zoom does nothing but enlarge and crop the photo, making it more pixelated and blurry. Hence it is best to take pictures in full zoom out mode and then edit in post.




    Artificial flash has a tendency to make images look more flattened out, thus compromising on the depth in your images. If you want your photos to look natural & have more depth, then avoid using flash and instead work with the natural light. But if you are in a dark room with no natural light source around then you can use the flash but from a distance in order to avoid over exposure in certain parts of the image.


    An amateur photographer will always tempt to place its subjects in the middle of the frame but a real artist knows that the beauty lies in placing your subject off-centre. Now rule of thirds divides the frame into three parts both horizontally & vertically. So placing your object on any of these lines or more preferably on the intersections of these lines creates a better impact on the viewer's mind.


    a) First of all identify your natural/primary light source & its direction, and then place your subject accordingly. For example never place your in the same direction as light source unless you are attempting an silhouette shot. You can also use a combination of natural and artificial lights in order to fully illuminate the subject and capture all the details.

    b) No one likes a blurred image, and the reason for that could be shaky hands or a faster moving subject compared to your shutter speed. So always make sure that you are holding your camera with both your hands & your elbows are tucked in. Then press the shutter button half way down to set focus on the main subject and then press it all the way to click. But don't release the shutter button unless the picture is completely taken and processed. In order to capture a fast moving object increase the shutter speed, you can do so by using Sport scene option in your camera settings.


    Apart from rule of thirds there is more to composition like angles and symmetry. Using the right angle to capture an image can significantly improve the overall impact of the picture. That is why selfies are usually taken from above.


    When using HDR mode make sure your phone is super steady or else you can get blurry or grey areas in your image. Because in HDR mode the camera takes two or more copies of the same image almost simultaneously, to create the best combination of light & exposure to give a more contrast rich image.






    When your phone camera just won't work in certain situations or is lacking some of the cool features, then you can always jump onto these photo capturing & editing apps for help.

    Pro HDR, ProCapture Free, Camera FV-5 & Snapseed, are some of the photo capturing and editing apps available in the market for Android Users.


    We may not release but the amount of dirt & dust our phones come in contact with everyday is too much. So make sure your phone camera lens is clean while taking pictures and also make sure there are no scratches on the lens.


    Photos taken in landscape mode usually tend to look better than the ones taken in portrait mode, thanks to the widescreen revolution. Our eyes are now accustomed to seeing things in a wide/landscape mode. So, unless for a particular reason you have to take a picture in portrait mode just stick to landscape for most of the times.


    Since the arrival of coloured photographs, we have kind of forgotten the beauty of a black 'n' white image and how it provides a better contrast thus creating a greater impact. Now you can get a black & white image while capturing it, by using one of the in-built or app filter. Or you can always do it in post/editing.

    So it just doesn't take a good camera to click awesome pictures but a good photographer or even a layman with some basic skills. Hope these above tips will help you capture those fun holiday moments with your friends & family more beautifully.

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