How To Travel With Drone To A New Country – All You Need To Know


Travelling with drones is a risky job especially when you are travelling to a new country. There are many countries which have banned the device and the law varies from country to country. Drones are very helpful to photographers, travel bloggers, and video creators as it gives a unique angle to their story and content. At the same time, drones are also helpful to navigate places like forest, highways, deserts and more.

How To Travel With Drone To A New Country – All You Need To Know


While there are loads of good implications and use of drones, some countries have banned flying them in certain areas/locations for security reasons and to avoid breach of privacy. Therefore, even if you own one, you may want to keep an eye on signs which may read "Drones Not Allowed" before your drone takes-off from the ground.

Apart from that, there are certain other legal or situational (ease to carry, avoid damages while in transit) conditions which may require your attention before you plan to take your drone with you in your international trip. If you think the drone is an extremely important part of your trip despite the aforementioned conditions, here are a couple of things we recommend.

Drone Laws

Drones are getting very popular across the globe and if you are planning to visit a new country then do research about the country and their rules for the drone. It is your responsibility to ask for permission from the authorities before flying a drone in a new country. And do note that drones cannot be flown in areas specified as "No Fly Zones". For example in India airports, international borders, Vijay Chowk in Delhi, State Secretariat Complex in State Capitals, strategic locations, and military installation are the No Fly Zones.

Keep Your Drone In Check-In Luggage

Always carry your drone in check in luggage instead of cabin baggage but make sure the batteries of the drone is not inside it. For maintaining the airline rules do discharge the lithium polymer batteries and keep it with your cabin baggage. Also, you can use a fireproof charging bag of additional safety.


Use Portable Drones

Big drones are very difficult to travel with because for them you want separate bag and accessories to carry. So it would be a wise advise going for a portable drone instead of a big gigantic one.

Extra Batteries

Apart from that, we do always carry extra batteries because drone batteries give very less battery life and take a long time for fuel up. So it will be always helpful to keep a backup.

Avoid Flying In Crowded Place

While flight drone does avoid crowded places especially where people are gathering for something. Find a less crowded place to fly the drone and keep it safe as possible, because at the end of the day it is a machine and they are prone to malfunction. So these are the tips which you can follow while carrying and flying a drone to other countries.

It's good to see that flying drones in India is legal now and anyone can flying drones under Indian drone regulations.

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