How to use your iPhone as a magnifying glass

Enabling your iPhone's Magnifier feature will allow you to read those fine prints and more.

    Apple users running the iOS 10 have a new feature to try out and it can be of great help for some who wished they could magnify those fine prints or get a closer look at something small. This new feature can be easily enabled and used for magnifying just about anything your camera can capture. We are not talking about using your camera and zooming in, there's an all-new feature for magnifying.

    How to use your iPhone as a magnifying glass

    This new feature can come handy when you need to magnify to read or even look at something small and see the finer details. So if you're interested in enabling this feature, you can follow these few simple steps, and use the magnifier feature on your iPhone and read the finer print and make some of your day to day tasks a lot easier.

    We are highlighting some of the ways you can use this feature on your iPhone, as having this feature on you could use it in numerous ways.

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    What can you use it for:

    The most commonly faced challenge is usually reading the fine print on consumables. As it is such a tiring task most of us just take a leap of faith at times.

    After trying to read the fine print on medicine packs at the pharmacy which turned out to be quite a tedious task, I finally gave up. Another instance when I could've used it was while checking and cleaning the carburetor of my motorcycle especially the jets. Had I remembered about this feature I could've used it and saved a lot of time and effort.

    Having a feature like the magnifier, on your smartphone which you carry almost everywhere can be quite handy. It can save you a great deal of time and effort while allowing you to get a much closer and better look at things. Things which would otherwise be difficult to see resulting in us ignoring them at times.


    How to enable the Magnifier feature on your iPhone:

    The Magnifier feature is supported on iOS 10, so if your iPhone is running on it, you can enable the Magnifier feature with just 4 simple steps. First, you need to start by going to the home screen, then go to Settings, scroll down to General.

    Once you tap on General you fill find more options but you will need to scroll down and tap on Accessibility which will take you to a new screen. On this screen, you will find the Magnifier option, tap on it and you will find that by default the feature is not enabled.

    Alongside to the Magnifier feature, you will find a toggle switch tapping it will enable the feature. That's it!
    Also, below the feature, the principle of its working is explained briefly along with instructions on how to go to the feature.

    The instructions are simple "click thrice on the Home button."


    How to use the Magnifier feature:

    Now that you have enabled this feature you would want to run a few trials, you could try the feature out on the print of certain medicine packs or maybe even try your hand out at palmistry. You could also use it to read the fine print on some the gadgets and devices you use on a daily basis.


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