iOS 10 Problems: Here are the 5 Annoying Issues Along with the Possible Solutions

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After being under beta development stage for more than three months, Apple released the iOS 10 to the general public on September 13. At the release day itself, several users updated their Apple devices to the latest version.

iOS 10 Problems: 5 Annoying Issues Along with Possible Solutions

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However, the most recent update just bought in several problems along with the new features. The problems are reported by several users over the world. So, we have compiled a list of problems with the possible solutions to fix the issues.

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Poor Battery Life

This was the biggest problem experiencing by many people over the world. iOS10 broke several things, and that's the primary reason for all the battery life issues. Apple promised that the iOS 10.1 would fix all the issues related to battery drain, but until then, users have to follow the below tips to save battery.

  • Turn off auto background refresh
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth unless they are necessary
  • Turn off location services and auto brightness
  • Turn off animations

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Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Issues

Several users after updating their devices to iOS 10 noticed that their phone doesn't connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth anymore, which is annoying. To fix this issue, follow the below steps:

Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings


Home button Issues

Another major problem with the iOS 10. Apple removed the slide to unlock feature with the iOS 10 and implemented 'home button press' to open. But, that seems to be quite annoying for many users.

We have a workaround for this issue. You need to enable a setting where you can unlock your device with just fingerprint sensor. Do that by heading over to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button> Rest Finger to Open (enable it)

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Vibrator Doesn't Work

Although this isn't a big issue for many, but a vibrator is an essential part of any smartphone. Users, after updating to the latest OS claimed that the vibrator isn't working anymore. The solution for this issue is to factory reset your smartphone. Make sure to backup before doing that to prevent from data loss.

Cellular Data Issues

Sometimes your iOS 10 device simply loses cellular connection. The quick solution for this is to reboot your smartphone every time it happens.

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