No Internet? Well, Here's a Trick to Chat Without Internet

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Want to save your data pack, but can't stop yourself from chatting with your friends? Here's what you are most advised to do.

No Internet? Well, Here's a Trick to Chat Without Internet

There's an app available on the play store of our iPhone, which allows you to chat with your friends without spending a penny on the internet.

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No! Internet connection is not required to chat via this app, however, it is just required to download the app from the play store.

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Chat with friends and family without Internet

Open Garden has come up with this 'New' kind of app called Firechat that allows you to chat without being connected to the internet. Ever since Firechat has been released to the market, the developers have claimed to have received 100k downloads per day.

For iPhone users: Chat without Internet

Revolutionizing the other social media chat rooms, Firechat is an enhanced version of "iOS 7's Multipeer Connectivity Framework(MCF) concept, which is now developed for most iOS devices.

Here's how it works.

How to chat without the Internet on iOS device

This is how the app works and creates wireless mesh network (or) peer to peer connectivity:

STEP 1: Download the Firechat app from your Apple play store

STEP 2: Sign up with a new username and password

STEP 3: After you open the app, you'll see two options-Chatroom's with Nearby and Chatrooms's with Everyone

The Chatroom's with Nearby searches the nearby other app users around 30 feet (9 meters) range, whereas, Chatroom's Everyone searches and list all the users on the Freechat network.

STEP 4: Select the person you want to chat with

STEP 5: Enjoy chatting with your loved ones, without the internet

Firechat App

Open Garden is an organization that widely focuses on net neutrality. Installing this app on your iPhone will allow you to send and receive text message without the internet connection and mobile tower signal.

Firechat also allows you to share photos and create a group chat and enjoy an anonymous chatting experience.

How Firechat Works

The app creates a wireless mesh network to conduct a peer to peer connectivity. Using this app, the user becomes a node, where each node will be interconnected that enables relayed messages.

Firechat works on a multi-hop mesh network technology, and it relay messages to long distances without internet connection until there is a firechat enabled iOS devices within the range.

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