Prevent Your Smartphones from Being Hacked with 5 Simple Steps

    In today's scenario, any smartphones can be hacked using a cheap software application available for free online with necessary information. With hacking, the hackers can completely control the devices starting from calls to private information.

    Prevent Your Smartphones from Being Hacked with 5 Simple Steps

    According to the mobile security company Zimperium, the Android smartphones can be hacked by just receiving a picture via text message. As per the company, the flaw affects 95% of Android devices, which is around 950 million phones worldwide.

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    However, you can also take precautionary measures in order to prevent your device from being getting hacked. Here are the few tips, that might help you to protect your data!

    Don't trust anything or everything!

    Visiting or exposing your smartphone to some unknown sites can cause harm to your smartphone. Moreover, don't leave your phone unattended in a public place. Also, avoid using unprotected Bluetooth networks and turn off your Bluetooth service when you aren't using it.

    Prevent Your Smartphones from Being Hacked with 5 Simple Steps

    Don't save your passwords!

    Nowadays, it has become a trend to save the passwords to online service -- Facebook, Twitter and much more. Just think once, what will happen, when you lost the mobile or someone got their hands on the phone. Anyways, avoid saving passwords especially on the bank or payment apps.

    Prevent Your Smartphones from Being Hacked with 5 Simple Steps

    Lock your apps!

    It is always important to lock your phone and certain apps, that holds your private information. Meanwhile, you can use some free apps like App Lock, where you can lock certain app in your device like emails and social networks.

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    Avoid public Wi-Fi!

    Remember this! Avoid Public Wi-Fi, when you are doing net banking or any other works, that involves your private or confidential information. As it is shared by a number of people, they can easily sneak onto your mobile network and hack it! In case if it's urgent, you can always use apps like Hideninja VPN so that your outgoing connection will be encrypted.

    Prevent Your Smartphones from Being Hacked with 5 Simple Steps

    Wipe your data!

    When you are sure, if your phone is lost, try to wipe all the private data on your smartphone. There are apps including -- Android device manager, and 3CX Mobile Device Manager that remotely wipe your data when enabled!

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