10 Questions to ask yourself before buying a smartphone in Black Friday deals

    "Which phone should I Buy?.. Android or any other." This is the most common question our readers ask us every day.

    It's the right time for this post on a smartphone buying guide, as there are many offers happening on mobile on Black Friday. Well, it will be challenging especially with the devices like Apple iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S6. But, it all depends on your budget and how much you want to spend to get a new phone.

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    However, we have listed out few common question that you need to ask yourself before buying a smartphone. Have a look at the slider below to know more.

    Smartphone Buying Guide: Tip 1

    This question is easier to answer now, a feature phone is for those who only use their phones to make and receive calls. But, smartphones come with tons of features like better connectivity, great camera, bigger display and memory, among them. If you are keen to take photos share online and do many tings on the go can buy a smartphone.

    Smartphone Buying Guide: Tip 2

    Consider whether the phone fits comfortably within a pocket or purse, and the availability of protective carrying cases. Also, make sure the phone is durable enough for your lifestyle. If you're the outdoors type, you may want a phone that's more impact- and water-resistant.

    Smartphone Buying Guide: Tip 3

    The two most widely used mobile platforms are Google Android and Apple iOS. Android smartphone have many OEMs who produce devices and will have better options, while iOS runs on the Apple's iPhone. Meanwhile, the BlackBerry OS and Microsoft Windows Phone have their own advantages as well.

    Smartphone Buying Guide: Tip 4

    Touchscreens smartphone are flooded in the market, as they are user friendly and can be operated easily and navigate from one app to another. While, some people find it hard for texting over a touchscreens device. There are also option for QWERTY keyboards, which helps to text faster.

    Smartphone Buying Guide: Tip 5

    Smartphone camera technology are meeting the standard of professional DSRL camera. The bare minimum standard for a good picture quality is 3 megapixel camera, however, most smartphone in the market are have 5 megapixel or greater.

    Smartphone Buying Guide: Tip 6

    The major question that troubles smartphone buyer is the battery life of a handset. Generally, phone with more features, means shorten battery life. Ideally, you will be able to use a normal smartphone for a day or two with single charge.

    Smartphone Buying Guide: Tip 7

    In India, you basically have a choice between 2G, 3G and 4G to your smartphone. 4G is generally faster, but still has fewer coverage area. If you stay in a city than getting a 4G connection will be right choice.

    Smartphone Buying Guide: Tip 8

    Not all mobile makers provide the same degree of aid when it comes to helping you actually use your phone. This is especially true in regards to third-party apps.

    Smartphone Buying Guide: Tip 9

    There's always something deemed "latest and greatest," for a smartphone buyer and think carefully about investing in any of them. For instance, NFC, wireless charging, fitness trackers and many more.

    Smartphone Buying Guide: Tip 10

    Set a budget in mine while buying a smartphone. Remember, smartphones are consumable that are designed to last at least 2 years, which is the period of standard service contract. In addition to the handset, there are accessories, insurance plans and much more.


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