The Best Extensions to manage Google Chrome tabs

Now you can have more than 20 tabs open

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If you are the kind of person who keeps browsing nothing and everything on the internet, then you might have faced difficulty while managing all opened tabs in your browser. Your browser will be having more than 20 tabs open and you can't even figure out its name. Quitting browser is the only solution we find when frustrated dealing with tab search.

The Best Extensions to manage Google Chrome tabs

If you use chrome for browsing, then managing tabs are super easy because lots of chrome extensions are available online. Now, let us see which one to use and how it will be helpful to deal with the multiple tab problems. Make sure you are using the updated chrome version and keep the browser open to try all the below-mentioned extensions by yourself.

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1. TooManyTabs:

TooManyTabs extension solves the excessive tabs problem by providing thumbnail previews of all the opened tabs. It also includes a search option to quickly find the page you are looking for.

2. Quick Tabs:

Quick Tab works similar to the above extension. But it shows you all the opened tabs in the form of a drop down menu. It even comes with a search option.

3. Session Manager:

There is a chance where one might close those tabs without even actually reading. In such cases, you can make use of Session Manager which saves your browser's state and re-opens the session after some time.

4. Recent History:

Recent History helps you view all the pages visited by you recently. So, you can easily go to that page by right clicking on it.

5. TabJump:

TabJump extension organizes tab in a simpler way. It has three columns known as Undo, Related and Jump. Undo lists all the recently closed tabs, Related lists all the other open tabs from the same site you're using right now, and Jump lists remaining open tabs.

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That's it, now you can browse crazily without having to worry about all the opened tabs in your browser.

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