Use these 7 hacks to improve your laptop's performance!

Smartphones and tablets are currently ruling the roost in the tech world, a laptop is still an essential piece of technology for all professionals and students alike even now. Mobile devices cannot handle tasks such as document editing, video editing and Excel spreadsheets. Thus, the laptop plays an important role in our work and study life.

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While a lot of us are careful while handling our PCs, a few of people are careless when it comes to laptop maintenance and end up buying new computers, quite sooner than expected.

Here are some nifty tips and tricks to help you keep your laptop in a pristine condition and increase its performance.

Laptop performance #1

Although made for it, using the laptop on your lap isn't generally the best thing. Always try to place your laptop on a clean and stable surface. This allows for better airflow, as the out-vents are generally located below the keyboard, in most variants. Blocking these passages, by keeping the laptop on an uneven surface, may result in heating issues that gradually decrease the overall performance and efficiency of the laptop.

Laptop performance #2

Most laptops in the market generally have a metal casing or a glossy look, a single dent or nick on which can destroy the look of your sleek PC. To prevent this from happening, always keep it in sturdy and comfortable laptop bags, preferably ones that have some sort of padding.

Laptop performance #3

More than 80% of computer users in India pirate software due to costing issues. This leads to errors in the UI and thus creates a need to change the computer earlier than needed. The pro tip here would be to always prefer genuine software. Even if the short-term cost is high, it will affect the long-term durability of your laptop. Also, keep updating it regularly to allow for refreshes in the applications.

Laptop performance #4

Dust buildup can create big problems in computer hardware and can result in jamming or non-functioning of various internals of the laptop. Cleaning your computer thoroughly is the right step towards its longevity. You can use objects like a mini vacuum cleaner, swabs or even compressed air to extract the dust that is stuck in the nooks and crannies of your laptop.

You can also get a yearly repair maintenance check done by your nearest electronic store.

Laptop performance #5

For all the sensitive, important and work-related files, keep a backup, whether on the cloud or on external drives. In fact, repeat backups as frequently as possible. Getting external hard drives or cloud storage is affordable currently and the cost per GB makes it really cost-effective. Backup all the information and live tension-free.

Laptop performance #6

Most of the users whose laptop is their main machine for work, can relate to the fact that keeping it on sleep mode saves you the frustration and time. This is because shutting down all processes and then switching them on every time leads to abruptness in performance. This is not the correct approach though; shutting down the computer at least once in every 3-4 days will boost the performance of the laptop.

Laptop performance #7

A lot of us have bulky and monstrous laptops that can be used only on desks. Acting as desktop replacements, these laptops have poor battery life and the charger is usually plugged in for eternity. This process, however convenient, spoils the overall battery life of the device and replacements are required more often. Unplugging it from the charger atleast once in 2-3 days is advisable.

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