5 Tips to Protect Your Gmail Account From Being Hacked

Try these 5 tips and tricks to protect your Gmail account from being hacked or any other malicious activities.

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Malicious activities over any social media or Gmail account is an extremely common instance these days. However, there are a few tricks to try to protect you personal accounts from these hackers.

5 Tips to Protect Your Gmail Account From Being Hacked

Everyone today has an email account and is usually prone to hackers or malicious activities.

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We at GizBot have come up with tricks to follow to protect your Gmail account from being attacked by hackers and stalkers.

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Using Ugly Email Extension To Identify Tracked Emails

All that the user needs to do is just Open their Google Chrome browser on the PC, search for Ugly Email in the Webstore and click on "Add to Chrome" to save yourself from tracked emails.

After adding it to Chrome, whenever the user login into their Gmail account or open emails, there will appear an evil eye sign, which means the email has been tracked by a hacker.

#2 Google 2 Step Verification is the Best Way to Keep Hackers Away

Google Verification process is extremely secure and safe and keeps Gmail accounts safe from various disasters and hackers. To make it work properly, the Gmail user has to provide with a one-time login code to a secondary device either via text or Google authentication app.

Hence, in case someone is trying to hack your account, the hacker has to identify the security code for the secondary devices also, which is extremely difficult, and in turn protects your account.

#3 Avoid Any Such Spam or Phishing Messages

A Gmail user should avoid any malicious emails, and especially the ones starting with a subline like "Your money is waiting" "Claim your reward" and so on. It is recommended to not open such emails that you receive from unknown recipients.

#4 Always Try to Keep Your Contact Number Up-to-Date

It often happens that you change your mobile number, and your Gmail account, or other social media accounts are registered under your previous number.

It is recommended to up to date your account with the number you are using, to keep an eye on any malicious activities happening with your account.

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#5 Using a Recovery Email Address is a Must

Other than updating the mobile number to get updates on malicious activities, every Gmail user is required to update an alternative email address as well.

This is because email address is the other option that Google uses for sending security codes and in case you forget your password, the security code to login to login to your Gmail account will be sent to the secondary email id.

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