Tips and Tricks to Take Great Low-light and Skyshot Images this Diwali

Want to capture brilliant Skyshot images? Follow these tips and tricks.

    The Festive season is knocking on the door and the best way to capture these fun moments is through our lenses. Now when most of us have high-end cameras and smartphones, we tell you some cool tips and tricks to capture the best skyshot and low-light images.

    Tips and Tricks to Take Great Low-light and Skyshot Images this Diwali

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    Follow these tips to make the most out of this festival of lights.

    Use a Tripod

    The first and foremost thing to make sure you capture the lights in all their glory is to keep your imaging device stable. Taking pictures without using a stand or a tripod will result in blurry shots as camera lens struggle to capture light in low-light conditions.

    Using a tripod will help in reducing shakes and get some stable amazing firecracker shots.

    Experiment with Shutter Speed and ISO

    To capture skyshot images, you have to take care of shutter speed and ISO settings of your camera. Set the shutter speed of around 1/20-1/60 seconds and keep the ISO at 1600 or higher as per the available lighting.

    This will prevent shaky images in the low-light conditions. A useful tip- don't hesitate in experimenting with different shutter speeds and ISO settings.

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    Get the Frame right

    One of the most important thing to capture stunning images is to set your frame right. Use the tripod, set the camera and keep a little patience. Taking skyshot images requite timing and perfect camera settings. While it's not possible to predict the skyshot timing, a little patience will give you the right shots.

    You can also use a wide-angle lens that will give you a wider perspective of the sky to capture images. Besides, a 360-degree camera can offer you a full circular view from the point where you are capturing a shot.

    A Zoom lens can do Marvel

    If you are using a DSLR, try to get a zoom lens as it can give you some amazing low-light skyshoys.

    Besides, a fish-eye lens can also give some amazing pictures. It's ability to capture wider perspective can turn ordinary scenes into creative playgrounds.

    Shoot in RAW

    While shooting images in low-light, set the format to RAW. Shooting image in RAW format gives you benefit to edit them later without losing on quality. While DSLRs shoot RAW images, smartphones these days are also capable to shoot in RAW format. LG G5, IPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, etc. are some examples. RAW formats are easy to tweak in post processing.

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