Tips & Tricks To Capture Stunning Pictures/Videos With Vivo X70 Pro+


Vivo has reserved its X-Series line-up for serious photography enthusiasts. The cameras on X-Series handsets are engineered in close partnership with photography expert 'ZEISS' to bring exclusive features such as miniaturized gimbal setup (for steady video recording), DSLR-like bokeh effects, and special T* rated coating to eliminate glares in complex light scenarios during low-light photography. You will find all such features in the latest flagship X70 Pro+.

Tips & Tricks To Capture Stunning Pictures/Videos With Vivo X70 Pro+

Priced at Rs. 79,990, the X70 Pro+ has been our daily driver for some time, which gave us sufficient time to test its optics. The multitude of features and modes that the camera app offers, thanks to the capable hardware, can be overwhelming to even professionals and not just amateur photographers. That said, we decided to write a detailed story to help you make the most out of the handset's ambitious camera setup in different situations.

But before we give you the useful tips and tricks to capture those stunning shots, it's important to understand the powerful camera hardware that makes it all possible.

Vivo X70 Pro+ Camera Hardware

Vivo X70 Pro+ Camera Hardware

The camera setup on the X70 Pro+ comprises four sensors. The primary lens is a 50MP f/1.6 OIS-enabled Samsung GN1 sensor. It has a size of 1/1.31", supports PDAF, and has a 23mm equivalent focal length. If you recall, the predecessor- X60 Pro+ also uses the same primary sensor configuration. Next in line is a 48MP Sony IMX598 ultra-wide sensor with a dimmer f/2.2 aperture value and a decent 114˚ field-of-view.

The 14mm equivalent ultra-wide sensor is optically stabilized and is placed on a miniaturized gimbal module to offer steady picture/video results. Coming on to the two Tele lenses, the first is a 12 MP, f/1.6 PDAF enabled 50mm equivalent sensor.

The 1/2.93" sensor is optically stabilized and allows 2x optical zoom. It is paired with an 8MP OIS-enabled periscope camera capable of reaching 5X optical zoom and 60x digital zoom. The OmniVision OV08A10 sensor uses a darker f/3.4 aperture and is 125mm equivalent.

How Does ZEISS Help The Quad-camera System?

How Does ZEISS Help The Quad-camera System?

The quad-camera on the X70 Pro+ benefits from ZEISS's high-transmittance T* Coating, double-sided ultra-low anti-reflection CG glass, ALD, and pigment spin-coating technologies that enhance the transmission rate of visible light. It is said to improve the image quality by accurately reproducing the object colors, reducing reflectivity and the unwanted effects such as ghosting and stray light, something we will discuss later in the story. Additionally, you get ZEISS-styled bokeh modes such as Biotar, Distagon, Planar, and Sonnar.

Start With Important Camera Settings

Start With Important Camera Settings

  • Start with calibrating the 'micro gimbal' module as the miniaturized gimbal setup can help you click better pictures and shoot steady videos. Go to Settings > Micro Gimbal Calibration.
  • Enable 'Stabilization' if you don't have a tripod handy.
  • Try keeping the tiny white dot in the small circle on the viewfinder screen if you are taking handheld shots.
Enable Auto Focus Tracking For Crisp Pictures

Enable Auto Focus Tracking For Crisp Pictures

  • Taking pin-sharp pictures of moving subjects (Kids, pets, moving vehicles, etc.) can be challenging; especially with smartphones as the smaller sensors aren't quite equipped with capable autofocus tracking sensors. The X70 Pro+ proved to be a better overall camera device than the competition, thanks to its fine-tuned sensors allowing for effective motion detection.
  • The camera can sense the fast-moving subjects and keep them in focus for better results. Enable 'Autofocus tracking' in motion autofocus if you want the phone's software to do the job for you. Or you can also enable the 'Manual focus tracking' and double-tap to quickly lock focus on subjects in real-time.
Enable These Settings For Seamless Photography Experience

Enable These Settings For Seamless Photography Experience

  • Since the X70 Pro+ is a big phone, you might find some difficulty in clicking those special pictures that demand attention to perspective. If you are unable to tap the shutter button in difficult situations, enable these three settings.
  • Go to Camera Settings > Shutter > enable Touch, Voices & Palm.
  • These three toggles will allow you to seamlessly take a shot in such difficult situations where you can put all your attention to acing the perspective.
For Better Night Time Photography

For Better Night Time Photography

The ZEISS-backed camera shines in the low-light scenarios. The big sensor lets in an ample amount of light and delivers crisp pictures with plenty of details and clarity. The colors are also represented well in low-light and images do not appear washed out. Here's how you can capture stunning low-light shots from the handset.

  • Enable 'Enhanced Night Sky' in the camera settings if you are planning to capture stars during astrophotography.
  • Make sure you have a tripod handy as a minor shake can spoil those long-exposure shots.
  • The night mode also works in the wide-angle mode but the results aren't quite inspiring.
  • Unlike most smartphones, the X70 Pro+ offers better low-light shots if there's artificial light in the frame. The ZEISS T coating lens reduces unwanted glares that often spoil the low-light shots in case there's artificial lighting in the frame. No other handset gets this feature even at a higher price point.
How To Capture The Shining Moon

How To Capture The Shining Moon

  • You need to enable the dedicated 'Astro' mode or the 'Supermoon' mode for nailing those astrophotography shots.
  • Make sure the tiny camera icon at the extreme top left corner of the display is turned yellow while shooting images in extreme low-light scenarios.
  • The X70 Pro+ is the only handset capable of clicking night panoramas. Just enable the 'Pano Night Mode' in the viewfinder (Second icon from the top left) screen.
For Those Artistic Night Photography Shots

For Those Artistic Night Photography Shots

  • You can get artistic with nighttime photography by enabling the 'Long exposure mode' in the Night mode. It offers four different styles- Flow of traffic, Night graffiti, Fireworks, and Star trails.
  • Additionally, the night mode also supports different color gradient tones- Cyberpunk, Black & Gold, Textured, Dreamy, etc.
For Better Portraits

For Better Portraits

Vivo's X-series has always impressed us with its portrait-taking capabilities. Things have become better with the bigger sensor and ZEISS backing. You can capture pleasing-looking portraits of subjects at close range with the 50MP GN1 sensor. The big sensor creates a very pleasing natural bokeh effect, thanks to the large sensor with a wide aperture. Below are some important tips and tricks to ace portraits on the X70 Pro+.

  • Shift to a 12MP OIS-enable portrait sensor that allows three magnification points- 1x, 2x, and 5x.
  • Enable the HDR toggle while clicking portrait in uneven lighting.
  • Also, enable the HD portrait toggle to bring in some clarity while clicking close-up shots.
  • You can also choose the portrait style from the nine different types, including the four ZEISS modes, which offer some of the best portraits on a mobile phone.
  • The X70 Pro+ allows you to control the level of bokeh in the range- f/0.95 and f/16. Click on the f/Bokeh toggle and use the on-screen slider to control the aperture value.
  • The sensor tends to struggle with the 2x and 5x zoom so make sure you lock the subject in the zoom mode to get the desired results.
  • The X7 Pro+ also has a dedicated 50MP mode to offer high-resolution shots. When enabled, the mode captures stunning images in daylight. Pictures show excellent dynamic range, great contrast levels, and impressive details. Colors appear vivid but do not end up looking artificially saturated or unrealistic.
  • Vivo's color science is slightly better than Samsung and OnePlus, thanks to the ZEISS Natural Color algorithm and Vivo's good color tuning.

The X70 Pro+ uses the 48MP ultra-wide angle for both landscape and macro photography. Unlike most handsets, it manages to deliver good results with both wide-angle and close-up scenes. The images are adequately sharp and detailed and retain good color science. The wide-angle shots look as vivid as images captured from the main camera.

The X70 Pro+ captures 114˚ field-of-view, which is enough to capture wide landscape pictures; however, you will notice some distortion around the corners while shooting in 4:3 aspect ratio.
The distortion effect can be addressed to some point by enabling the full-frame aspect ratio.
All filters and features work with the wide-angle mode, which gives you a lot to explore while doing landscape and street photography.
The phone has a dedicated macro mode for extreme close-up shots but you can also zoom in (2x and 5x) within the standard mode to click some good close-up shots of tiny subjects

For Better Videography Experience

For Better Videography Experience

  • The gimbal stabilization is offered on the 48MP ultra-wide angle lens on the X70 Pro+. The camera is capable of shooting stabilized 8K30fps videos but results won't blow your mind in terms of detailing and colors. The 4K 60fps and 1080p 60fps are good enough for most scenarios.
  • You can choose among the three different levels of stabilization- Standard, Ultra, and the Horizontal Line being the one that delivers the most stable results but also demands a well-lit environment. It effectively cuts down the unwanted shakes in both horizontal and vertical planes and delivers steady videos.
  • Sadly, the horizontal line mode of stabilization only works with a very tight field-of-view and records videos in only 1080p 30fps. If you want to shoot with the ultra-wide-angle lens or in higher fps or resolution, you have to rely on the standard stabilization.
  • If you are recording videos in low-light, make sure you enable the night video recording mode for slightly better results.
  • The night video mode also works in wide-angle, which is a good add-on; however, it is only limited to 30fps and standard stabilization.

Overall, the X70 Pro+ is a very interesting and capable camera smartphone. There's plenty to like about this camera setup and the results that you can derive from it. You can read more about the smartphone's camera and overall performance in our detailed review.

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