Top 10 Tips and Tricks for iOS 9!

    Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 9, was launched in October 2015 and if you are using an iPhone, chances are that you are currently running iOS 9 on it.

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    While you may be using one of the most advanced softwares in the world, are you really realizing its complete potential? Here are the top 10 tips and tricks that can help convert you into a power user with your iOS 9 device.


    One of the biggest weaknesses that iOS and iPhones in general have is of below average battery life. With the ninth generation of software though, it is all set to change. With a new power saver mode under the Battery section in the Settings app, you can optimize the functions of the phone in order to get the maximum battery life, especially in critical conditions.

    The iPhone will prompt you at 20% battery level, and once again at 10%, to switch to power saver mode that then turns off frequent app refreshes, stops automatic downloads and most animations in the OS. This helps improve the standby time substantially.


    60 FPS or Frames Per Second is the way to go currently, with YouTube and major video streaming sites shifting on to this smooth mode of watching videos. You can now switch onto this fluid mode in your iPhone, courtesy iOS 9.

    Just hop into Settings>Photos and Camera>Record Video and toggle the mode to ‘1080p HD at 60FPS'. Once this is switched on, you can record videos that look like butter-smooth, even without the need of a stable tripod!


    Siri is Apple's virtual assistant software and one of the best across all major mobile platforms. With iOS 9, Apple has introduced touchless controls for activating Siri. It can now be initiated with voice commands; by calling out ‘Hey Siri' to your iPhone. Just get into Settings>General>Siri and turn on the Hey Siri option. It will prompt you to repeat the phrase a few times, in order to get acquainted with the pattern of your voice. After that, you can access Siri without pressing the home button every time.


    Borrowing some features from the Samsung Galaxy series, iOS 9 brings on the Split View feature onto Apple's tablet devices including the iPad Pro and the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 2. Extremely useful for multitaskers, Split View allows the user to operate two apps simultaneously, without switching screens for doing the same.

    When in an app, just swipe from the right to reveal the multitasking bar. From the options, select which app you want to access along with the current one and, voila, you are using two apps on a single screen like a boss.



    With iOS 9, Apple has finally learnt the art of separating images according to their type. Selfies, the ones clicked from your front camera module now have a dedicated folder in the Photos app on your iPhone. While it is named ‘Selfies', it will contain all the images clicked via the front camera.


    Emojis are the virtual alternative for every expression and emotion that needs to be displayed during conversations. Apple decided that users needed some awesome new emojis and that's what they did with the iOS 9.1 update. With 150 new emoticons making a debut on iOS 9.1, you can now text your friends with newer expressions that they wouldn't have seen otherwise. Also, be careful before sending it to non-iOS users or iPhone users with lower software versions, they wouldn't be able to see them, literally.


    Apple announced its first ever Android app, at the iPhone launch event in September 2015. Named ‘Move to iOS', it does exactly that. It helps you move over from Android smartphones to an iPhone, running iOS 9, with ease. It helps you move things like calendar data, SMS messages, contacts, notes, reminders and photos to your iCloud account. These can then be accessed on your iPhone when you connect the account with it.


    The Photos app on iOS 9 now lets you hide specific photos from the gallery, which you don't want other people to check out. You can simply select the photos that you prefer to be hidden, click on the Share button and select Hide. The selected photos are now hidden from your Moments gallery but will be visible in separate albums.


    Making use of the 3D Touch functionality only on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, you can now use the keyboard of the device as a trackpad, to quickly scroll onto different words in the message or document. Once you are in the text that you want to edit, just touch harder on the keyboard. This will create a blur effect on the keyboard and scrolling will work like a trackpad, switching the cursor to your preferred word or letter that is to be edited.


    Till iOS 8, your security passcode was limited to only 4 numbers in all. With iOS 9, this limit has been increased to six. More numbers mean lesser probability of guessing the right key that, in turn, means improved security.

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