Top 10 Tips And Tricks To Use Your Apple iPhone 6s / 6s Plus Like A Pro

    Apple's latest flagship, the iPhone 6S was launched back in 2015. Being part of the 'S' series of naming models, the 6S may pretty much resemble its predecessor but, from the inside, it is a different machine altogether.

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    You may have bought the new iPhone 6S for yourself but have you been able to get a hold of ALL the features of the device? We have curated a guide that contains the top 10 tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of that big purchase. Read on to find out.

    Apple iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Tip 1:

    One of the most-hyped features on the iPhone 6S has been the addition of Live Photos into the camera app. An extension of the Zoe feature on HTC phones, Live Photos records 2 seconds of footage before as well as after a still image has been taken. All you need to do is toggle the circular logo, located on top of your built-in iOS camera app. This is great for users who want to live the moment in which the photo was taken. .

    Apple iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Tip 2:

    Another hardware addition to the iPhone 6S is 3D Touch or Force Touch. This is the technology that judges actions on the screen based on the amount of force/pressure you apply to it. Open up the Photos app and hover on the image you wish to preview. Press on it gently and it will show you a ‘Peek' of the image. Pressing on it slightly more will make it ‘Pop' open to display the actual size. It is called 3D Touch because it has three layers of pressure-sensitive points.

    Apple iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Tip 3:

    Making use of the 3D Touch functionality, you can now use the keyboard of the device as a trackpad, to quickly scroll onto different words in the message or document. Once you are in the text that you want to edit, just touch harder on the keyboard. This will create a blur effect on the keyboard and scrolling will work like a trackpad, switching the cursor to your preferred word or letter that is to be edited.

    Apple iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Tip 4:

    The multitasking functionality in iOS has been criticized by a lot of reviewers and consumers over the years, because of the unnecessary double pressing required on the home button. With the iPhone 6S, Apple has heard the woes of everyone and is using 3D Touch for a better experience. To use this, irrespective of the app or home screen you are on, just swipe (with pressure) across the left of the device to reveal the multitasking menu. This might require some practice initially but once you get a hold of it, multitasking will never have been so easy!

    Apple iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Tip 5:

    A feature borrowed from Motorola and Google is the inclusion of voice commands to activate Siri, the virtual voice assisitant on the iPhone 6s. You can access the Hey Siri command in Settings>General>Siri. Toggle the ‘Hey Siri' option and customize it to your voice. This ensures that the phone recognizes only your command when on sleep mode. For this, you will be prompted to repeat the phrase, ‘Hey Siri', three times for the iPhone to set a common pattern and then you are good to go.

    Apple iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Tip 6:

    iOS users on iPhones and iPads alike have complained of a non-existent battery manager that helps the user toggle battery usage when it isn't needed. With iOS 9, Apple introduced a Power Saver mode for saving battery life during crucial situations. The mode can be switched on in Settings>Battery and is a neat way of optimizing battery life for only essential applications.

    The extension of battery life comes at a performance cost though. The power saver mode will switch off the Hey Siri command as well as restrict some amount of background app syncing..


    Apple iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Tip 7:

    It is a widely known fact that iPhone 6s is the first iPhone to support 4K video recording. While it is great news for casual videographers, general users don't necessarily require this feature and the files might tend to take up huge amounts of space on the device. With limited memory availability being an issue, hop onto to Settings>Photos and Camera>Record Video and toggle the setting as per your requirement. You can even shoot videos at 60 FPS, albeit only till a resoluition of 1080p.

    Apple iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Tip 8:

    A lot of sensitive data is present on our phones as they are largely becoming the most personal and important devices in our lives. Using Touch ID to secure your iPhone 6s is the wisest thing to do as it restricts the number of people who can access the smartphone. You can now set up to five fingerprints for access to your iPhone and these may either be different fingers of your trusted ones or just five fingers of your hands, for convenient access!

    Apple iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Tip 9:

    Apple showcased an important feature of 3D Touch, app shortcuts, at the launch event in Cupertino last year. Tying up with Instagram and Facebook, the company displayed how shortcuts like uploading, viewing activity and posting could be done straight from the app icon on the home screen itself. Since then, loads of commonly used apps like Zomato, Twitter, Paytm and Snapchat have received the update, showing huge potential in the time to come.

    Apple iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Tip 10:

    If you have received a message or an e-mail that contains a link that is to be accessed over the internet, you can simply peek into it by gently force pressing into it. A preview browser will open up to display what the link has to offer. You can then decide whether to open the actual website by pressing harder to ‘Pop' in or removing your finger to abandon it.


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