Try These 10 Gmail Shortcuts to Boost Your Productivity

Keyboard shortcuts are almost essential when you need to speed up your work. Using shortcut keys will not only speed up your work, but it also improves the efficiency too. There are hundreds of combinations available now, which will be overwhelming if you use it at one go.

Try These 10 Gmail Shortcuts to Boost Your Productivity

However, this shortcut won't work until you activate the option. To activate follow the below steps.

Step 1: Click the gear or wheel option in the top-right corner just below the sign-out box and select Settings.

Try These 10 Gmail Shortcuts to Boost Your Productivity

Step 2: Under the General tab -> go to the "Keyboard shortcuts" and select the choose "Keyboard shortcuts on".

Step 3: Click "Save Changes" button on the bottom.

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Today we have compiled the list of 10 important shortcuts that you can use when you are working on Gmail.

Select multiple emails

In case if you want to select multiple emails for deleting or archiving, you can do it by holding on to shift keys and click on the required emails.

Delete multiple emails at a time

Got lots of unwanted emails in your inbox? Deleting one by one is too tiring. Instead, select a group of emails using the above method and simply delete it by pressing Shift+#.

Helps you in marking mails!

Mark selected messages as unread / Mark selected messages as read.

Opens new window!

This shortcut helps in reply to the sender in the new window.

Forwards the mail!

This will forward the selected message in a new window.

Back to inbox

Pressing the "U" button will take you back to inbox or conversation list.


By pressing "E", your selected message will be moved to an archive folder.

Mark it as important!

With this shortcut, you can "Star" or "Unstar" your message in the conversation list.

Compose new mail!

It will help you to Compose a new message, also you can cancel it by pressing "Esc" button.

Moves into Spam

This will mark the selected messages as spam and jump back to the message list.

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