Uses of archiving messages on Gmail app; All about archiving

What is Archive Emails? Why Should we Archive?

    These days, most of us use Google Mail or Gmail to deal with our daily emails. However, the problem no is that we tend to get a lot of emails from our boss, the website we just subscribed, and other random unnecessary emails. Google help you in organizing all these random mail through a tool called Archiving.

    Uses of archiving messages on Gmail app; All about archiving

    It will help you clean up the interface without having to spend more time on placing each email into a distinctive folder. Making it simple, archiving is an act of taking an email and placing it in a folder where it will continue to exist without cluttering your inbox.

    How is archive different from deleting?

    Deleting an email will directly send it to trash, which in a way is a backup as well, but for a limited amount of time, say 30 days. While using the trash folder to clean up your inbox might seem like a good idea, however, you will most likely lose an email that you might need in the future.

    Why should we archive?

    In case if you want an email that has important information like bank details, address, or other info's which you might not need it now, and for some amount of time in which you would have never needed to look back.

    In case, if you deleted the email thread, you wouldn't be able to look back. If you archived an email, you will no longer have to see it sitting in your inbox, but just a quick search will do.

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    How to archive an email?

    One of the easiest ways to archive your email individually is to select the mail and swipe it left. If you accidentally send the mail to an archive, Google also offers you an option to undo it. You can quickly turn this feature off if you do it a lot on accident. To do this, open up the navigation drawer -> Settings -> General settings -> swipe to archive -> turn off.

    Another method is to select the mail individually, which you need to archive and tap on the box icon with an arrow pointing downwards. In case, if you want to clean up a bunch of emails, you can select it and tap on the same box icon.



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