What is Focus Assist on Windows 10 and how to use it

    Having a message box pop up is the last thing anyone wants to deal with when they are in the middle of their game, this can be quite an inconvenience. Fortunately, Windows 10 has a nifty little feature called Focus Assist that hides these notifications. 'Quiet Hours’ was the first Do Not Disturb feature and it has been around for a while, but Focus Assist allows you to customize.

    What is Focus Assist on Windows 10 and how to use it


    Focus Assist was rolled out in the update of April 2018 and it is much more powerful and configurable than Quiet Hours.

    1) Enabling Focus Assist

    When Focus Assist is turned on, notifications will not appear and is going to be hidden.

    To enable Focus Assist, you need to right-click on the Notification Center icon, scroll down to Focus Assist and you can select “Priority Only” or “Alarms Only” depending on your needs.

    And assigning which notifications have more priority and which one has less is something you can do from Settings.

    The other option to enable Focus Assist is to toggle it “Off” or “On” from the Action Center. This can be accessed by clicking the Notification Center icon or using Windows+A. If the tile cannot be found here, what you will have to do is click on the expand link to find it.

    The other option is to visit the Settings app. To enable the feature, visit Settings, then access System to find Focus Assist which can be turned on or off.

    There will be three options available suggesting what you can do with it, you can select between the following three:

    1) “Off”

    2) ”Priority Only”

    3) “Alarms Only”

    These can be selected according to your convenience.

    2) Configuring the Priority List.

    The Priority List can be used to assign which apps and people have more priority over the other.


    After accessing Focus Assist through System under Settings, you can select the apps and people that have priority by choosing the “Customizing Your Priority List” link.

    Under the option People, you can select your preferred contacts. This feature makes use of the “My People” feature in Windows. But the downside of this feature is that only messages from people who contact you through apps which support Windows My People will be on the priority list. If the individual attempts to contact you through a different app, that notification will not get through.

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    The other advantage about this feature is that you can select a particular time and date for this to get activated, a different schedule can be set according to your preference and these can be activated for particular days.

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