Why Should You Turn Off Your Computer at Night!

    Is it safe to leave your computer turned on ? Should i switch off my PC when am not using it? However, there are solid reasons on the either side to support it. However, today we have listed 3 pros and cons, why you should and shouldn't turn off your compter.

    1. Convenience

    Why Should You Turn Off Your Computer at Night!

    One of the main reason we leave our computer switched on is because of the convenience. Some of them dont have the patience to wait for the computer to reboot. Generally, a system will take around 40 to 50 seconds for booting, while leaving your system in hibernation will just take you 10 seconds. However, it all depends on the configuration of your system anyhow.

    2. Update

    Why Should You Turn Off Your Computer at Night!

    Some works are done well at night! Some of them are -- updating your system at night, performing virus scan, creating back ups and others. All these works need some power, time and resources. Performing all these task at night will make system more efficient.

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    3. Work from remote locations

    Why Should You Turn Off Your Computer at Night!

    One of the advantage leaving your computer on is that you can operate it from different device in different locations. With some third party apps, like Team Viewer, you can do whatever you want.

    4. Limited lifespan

    Why Should You Turn Off Your Computer at Night!

    Every component in the systme has limited time span. For example, monitor's backlight has a time span of tens of thousand of hours, while the SSD's around 3000 program/erase cycles. However, the components which generate heat causs for long time reduced the time span of the device.

    5. Power wastage

    Besides the component life span, the energy is also wasted. To be precise, there is a difference between power consumption of a computer that is active, idle and sleeping. Eventhough, if you switched off the computer, it will continue to use around 0.2W of power due to plug in.

    6. Power cuts

    Why Should You Turn Off Your Computer at Night!

    Too much of power cuts can damage you system easily. Also, the power surges which often happens through lightning can cause damage to all the electronic devices.

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