Top 10 New Tips And Tricks That Every Android User Should Try

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There is much popularity for the Android smartphone out there. And we have seen many people find the Android smartphone for easy of use because of its open platform, you'll get much room for customization.

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Not only personalizing your smartphone, there are few easy steps that can keep your phone in an organized way to save your battery life for a whole day. We came with some tips for the Android users to try out and get better user experience.

Take a look at the slider below to know how to get more out of the Android smartphone.

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Google Now

Google Now is Android's personal assistant app. Open the Google app and tap on Get Google Now and fill in your preferences. You can tell Google Now about your daily preferences like stocks, sports teams, and you can more personalize by adding your preferred mode for transportation for Google Maps. Google Now will provide personalized notifications as you get updates on stocks or on sports teams.

Launchers And Lock Screen

Android stock launcher and lock screen seem to be not much interesting after using for a quite time. However, you can download interesting launcher and lock screen apps from the Google Play Store. These apps actually let you change the interface on your Android smartphone.

Power Savings mode

Power Saving mode are best options to preserve battery life. While, some Android smartphones comes with larger battery and higher capacity functionality on battery saving mode.

Extra Battery

Keep an extra battery of your smartphone while you are on travel. Since many Android phone comes with removable battery you can replace the dead battery with the new one on the go. Unfortunately, many new smartphones are lacking removable battery, so its best option to carry a power bank.

Google Chrome

Android comes with its default web browser called Chrome. If you sign in with your Google account in the Chrome browse app on smartphone, then all your bookmarks, saved passwords and preferences will automatically syncs to the Chrome app.

Organize Apps

You can create folders to divide your apps into different categories like social media, fun, games, and much more. By creating folders it will reduce clutter and also makes it easier to find apps faster.


It is easier to swipe than to type. Google Play Store has many keyboard apps that makes it very easier to type by just swiping finger on letters.

Bandwidth Management

You can reduce the data usage in the Chrome, which removes unnecessary images and provides the web page in a compact format to cut down the much data usage.

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator provides two-step verification for your Google accounts on your smartphone. Whenever you log in, a code will be generated by the app for more security.

Default App

Android comes with almost built-in supports for contents. But, you can download app from the Play Store, for instance, Adobe Reader for viewing PDF, you can make the Adobe Reader as a default app for PDF. So that you can open the PDF faster.

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