Meizu MX5 Comes to India: Top 10 Tips and Tricks

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One of the devices that has aced the chart in terms of points fetched in Benchmark tools, among a lot is, the Meizu MX5 has been officially announced a couple of months back. GizBot has also reviewed the device in detail. Well, we were pleased to use the device and tell you folks about the device's pros and cons. But what we also thought would be special for you guys were, what if we give you the tips and tricks as well that you can check out in the device.

The smartphone might seem like an iPhone 6 in terms of design but it sure does a great deal of job which iPhone's can't possibly perform. Anyway, here are some of the tips and tricks that you might find useful if you have already bought the new Meizu MX5.

10 Tips and Tricks you can perform on Meizu MX5

DND mode

Do Not Disturb is a common mode which we use these days because of the numerous notification that appear to interrupt us in our peaceful time in the day. Meizu has a DND feature as well like any other Android device. To enable it you have to go to the Settings app, and head over to the Sound tab. Tapping on the DND mode will show an array of options. You can take over from there.

Change the theme on the Meizu MX5?

Using different themes in a smartphone is a common personalization feature that everyone has used once in their life time (Android users specifically). Appearance does matter in a lot of ways when you start using your phone. Therefore, if you have the Meizu MX5 and want to change the theme head over to the Settings and then Customize tab. Now tapping on the Theme option would lead you to the dedicated theme store for the device. One of the problems here is that all the themes seem to appear in Chinese and you need to login to the Flyme account to download free and paid apps.

Using 4G on both the SIM cards

Not all dual SIM devices offer the facility to use 4G network on both the SIMs. However, in Meizu MX5 you can do that. If you want to use 4G network on both the SIMs go to the Settings > Dual SIM > Network tab. You will find a couple of options there and select the 4G both option to get 4G LTE services on both the SIM cards simultaneously.

Changing the color temperature of the display

Although, the manual brightness control is always there to help you out in times of need, in the new Meixu MX5, you can enhance the brightness more by also tweaking the color temperature. In the Setting tab, you will find a Display tab and inside it you will find an option to tweak the Color Temperature.

Enable the Flyme style icon on the Meizu MX5?

You already know by now that the Meizu MX5 comes blessed with the custom UI called the Flyme 4.5. The UI offers and option to change the default icons of the third party apps to match with more adequately with the Meizu's Theme. However, this can't happen with just one or two but once you turn ON the feature all the third party apps you installed on the device will be changed.

To enable this feature, go to Settings > Customize tab. Tapping on it will open few set of options, there you have to toggle the button in front of options Flyme style icons.


Enable the fingerprint function

Like most of the flagship devices, even Meizu MX5 is launched with a fingerprint sensor. However, not a lot of people use it because they are not always accurate and sometimes may disappoint you to the bones. Anyway, if you are the person, who is always in a need of tighter security, this functionality will definately serve you the best.

To setup the fingerprint security option, go to the Settings app and launch Fingerprint and Security tab. There you'll find and option to turn ON the fingerprint scanner as Unlock passcode, toggle the button and login with your Flyme credentials. Just tap on the Fingerprint management, you can add as many fingerprints, tap on Add fingerprint, and put and lift your finger repeatedly until the sensor completely scan the finger. It will notify you when it's done scanning.



SmartTouch is somewhat like an optional floating button that will help you with a multiple functionality like return, suspend and as well as close the current window, go back to the home screen, or even launch the notification.

To customize this feature, head over to the Settings > Accessibility > SmartTouch option. Now you'll see the toggle button, switching it ON would turn ON the feature.

Power saving modes

All the smartphones have a power saving modes but not have the best performance factor. Anyway, in the Meizu MX5, to enable this feature, which functions in an average, you have to head on to the Settings and then to the Battery tab. There you would find three modes available under the Power mode section. There are in fact three modes -- Power-saving mode, Balance and Performance mode. You can switch between these three power modes according to your needs.

Gesture wakeup

Gesture control is not a new thing in the smartphpnoe industry and MX5 is no exception to it. It offers features like double tap to wake, slide upward to unlock, as well as several other features that would be useful for the operation. Moreover, there are up to eight pattern locks including letter C, M, O, S, V W and Z that would allow you to launch other apps. To enable this feature, you will have to go to Settings > Accessibility > Gesture Wakeup option. You'll see a toggle button in front of the option, enabling it would turn ON the feature.


If you don't have Meizu MX5, than at least you can experience the features of the company's proprietary Flyme OS. Recently, developer at XDA androidexpert35 has exhibited a means by which you can port Flyme OS 4.5.2 stock apps to any of your Android devices. Apps like MX5 Camera, MX5 Launcher and MX5 Calculator come in apk files and can be installed directly. You can be guided to do the same here.

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